2009年4月7日 星期二

group work

Group one
Group leader: Cig
Group members: ED NAS Dexter Kenny Peter Cig

1. ntatively at first and then growing more assured, sliding over her shoulders and her breasts... 2. With satin sliding over her unpropped breasts, she looked like an overgrown, dressed-up child.
3. His lips slid over her breasts,
4. His hand slid over her breast to sweep the curve of her narrow waist,
5. He leaned and kissed her, letting his hand slide over her breast

1. The gray battleship look had to go if we wanted to attract females and the college bound
2. Saved, calls a certain zone in the concentration camp dominated by survival instinct " gray. "
3. The tiny gray mouse variety among them
4. I was concerned about the looks of a gray workout machine in a room
5. If a color seems to have no gray in it

1. The war for gold medals is raging at the Beijing Olympics.
2. We're sitting on gold, hey guys, let's have a city-wide Arts Route expanded from the one 12 2008 ACAD AfricanArts the dreamlike, uplifting character of a fairy tale.
3. The City of Gold, is a place of limitless opportunity, " Where Pawns Become Queens, ".
4. This necklace is made of glass, lapis lazuli, and gold beads.
5. Shaw, Gold, and Wolffe (2007) reported that 29% of their Canadian participants with visual 58 2008 ACAD AmerIndianQ sincerely.

Group: two
Group leader: Jane
Group members: Momo Vinent Alice Dora Iris Alin Jane

Momo- wipe
1. I wanted to slap his face, to wipe forever the insolence and brutal glee from his mouth.
2. He didn't even bother to wipe himself off and he chopped part of Pa's door down before he stopped.
3. He was forced to wipe his eyes. You don't step on the flowers, do you?
4. If we left one we'd have to wipe it for fingerprints.
5. not only to wipe my brushes, but to mop up certain areas .

Vinent- step
1. The third time you step out, you face a full point penalty.
. As a first step, sherds of known origin from the two centres were analysed.
. The next step is to work out why you are still holding on to your old belief.
4. It is not a big step from here to the symbolic use of signals.
5. He opened the door, but he didn't step all the way through.

Alice- room
1. That's only a single room.
2. They smiled when she came into the room.
3. During the entire marriage the bride had remained in her darkened room.
4. Rainbow waits in a room full of children drinking juice from plastic cups, who study her in silence.
5. I stand in a five-pointed star position in the middle of the room while the dog handler runs his hands along my limbs.

Dora-s orrow
1. Who couldn't drink, drown her sorrows.
2. He expressed at once his sorrow for my father's death.
3. I shut my eyes, too full of sorrow to move.
4. It's not happiness but sorrow that I'm looking for.
5. It would have brought sorrow on sorrow.

Iris- aside
1. McQuaid brushed the criticism aside.
2. A marriage contracted by a person so insane at the time as not to appreciate the nature of the obligations of the married state may be set aside at the suit of either party.
3. Urquhart brushed her annoyance aside.
4. At the first opportunity he drew her aside.
5. She brushed the thought aside.

Alin- mellow
1. He gave me a bunch of mellow grapes.
2. Her voice sounded mellow.
3. I've seen him grow more mellow over the year.
4. The party got gloriously mellow.
5. Age mellowed him.

Jane- overcome
1. So a search began for ways of overcoming the difficulty.
2. Drugs and other aids for overcoming the difficulties of jet-lag.
3. To overcome this difficulty, colleges and public libraries have grouped together to form inter-library loan schemes.
4. How may it attempt to overcome these difficulties?
5. Chris himself overcame his own initial difficulties remarkably rapidly.

Group: three
Group leader: Annie
Group members: Ivy Claire Annie Winny Irene Belinda Tako Amy

Claire- playmates
1. As I was the only child, the animals were my playmates.
2. Without giving his playmates and relatives some.
3. She could not find any satisfactory playmates.
4. The other children, my playmates, meant little to me; so little that one day they all rose from the field and vanished, like angels.
5. Children not much younger than Rich arriving to be his nephews, nieces, playmates.

Annie- strife
1. His unemployment was the main reason for the strife in the family.
2. She projected a sort of calm, a lack of strife, and so he went over to join her.
3. We make a collective decision, together, for peace or for strife.
4. She was unhappy because of the family strife.
5. After a week of civil strife, the rebels captured Jerusalem.

Winny-by one's side
1. The little boy slept by her mother's side.
2. The boss was standing by her side.
3. The food that you want is by the table's side.
4. It is so dengerous that she is standing by the lion's side.
5. I will always stand by your side.

Irene- step aside
1. Would you mind stepping aside to let me pass?
2. Step aside, I'll handle this problem.
3. The whole, work as promised. They provided me with an opportunity to step aside and let students work much more independently than they usually do.
4. That the country would be lifted from recession should Neil Kinnock step aside in my favour counts for nothing.
5. He could step aside now without loss of face.

Belinda- move away
1. Please move away your stuff without making a mess of my room.
2. Don't move away my car without telling me first.
3. Remedial, in that decisions are made to move away from ills rather than toward goals
4. Father told Harris not to give up his friends when he moved away
5. I'm going to move away from this terrible place as soon as possible

Amy- playmate
1. Our little boy has no playmates in this neighborhood.
2. Tom was my childhood playmate.
3. Play, however, needs a playmate, a mother, say, or a sibling or a friend.
4. Is organic sheep farming a natural career move for an ageing Playmate?
5. A playmate is alongside.

Group: four
Group leader: Lisa
Group members: Kelly Michelle Winnie Lisa Susan Ivy Chen Eva Rita

Michelle- calm
1.Pamela felt calm and peaceful as she walked along.
2.Few can match Atherton's calm intensity.
3.Management arethreatening the necklace will be used to calm down rowdycustomers. 4.November to February is the high season, with hot days, cool nights and calm seas.
5.The sea was calm and the night was clear - there can be no excuses.

Winnie- past
1. I sat in the car and the tears just wouldn’t stop falling, regretting the past,
2. We should remember the past and have foresight.
3. In the past he had to read by candlelight.
4. I can not undo the past.
5. They cling to the past

Lisa- urge
Urge (V)
1. We urge both governments to conduct talks as soon as possible to resolve the impasse.
2. We urge them to re-read, pushing themselves to read just as fast as they possibly can.
3. MPs can ask, and we urge them to ask.
4. I urge you to support’s motion.
5. I simply urge you to be reasonable and not go over the top.
Urge (N)
1. For a long time, he had the urge to abandon society and live totally alone.
2. She knows the power of the sex urge and how to use it to manipulate her husband.
3. I have had this great urge to try this stunt for many years, he said.
4. The creative urge, for example, transcends the body and the self.
5. You can immediately satisfy your creative urges.

Susan- triiumph
1. He hailed it as a triumph for the Georgian people, and pledged to rebuild the country.
2. The visit was seen as a spiritual triumph for the Catholic Church and the ailing 83-year-old pontiff.
3. Mr. Arevalo says the judicial action is a triumph for democracy in Guatemala.
4. Mr. Christie called the arrest an important triumph in the war on terrorism.
5. The Philippine government is hailing this as a triumph in its war against terrorism
1.Our nation and humanity will triumph.
2. Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi is widely expected to triumph in Saturday's election for the leader of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.
3.A politics professor at Chuo University in Tokyo Newspaper surveys show that the ruling party is likely to triumph.
4. Armed with faith "the believers will triumph over tyranny and its accomplices," said the Iraqi leader.
5. Chani's deaths enabled them to triumph against their enemies.

Ive Chen- bld
1. How insignificant it looks, but what a bold conception.
2. If you want colour in your garden, learn a few rules and then be bold.
3. He took a number of bold steps.
4. The writing was bold and strong and black.
5. The ideas behind the Kilbrandon Report were new and bold.

Eva- quit
1. He told of his sorrow at having to quit a job he passionately enjoyed.
2. Mellor quits after weeks of disgrace.
3. Since quitting as its leading spokesman, Icke has predicted.
4. Instead of quitting the music business she should have learned to use it for singing rather than mouthing off at every opportunity.
5. LEIGH boss Jim Crellin quit last night after only three matches in charge.

Group leader: Jackic
Group members: Lucy Jessica Jackic Jessica Vickey Anna Lina Sherry

Lucy and Vickey- refine
1. However, further work is necessary to develop, refine, and eval-uate the technique.
2. To be a skeleton of the text on the board and get the students to refine it.
3. We hope to evaluate the use of the manual, and further refine our understandings of classroom processes.
4. The teacher with the feed-back necessary to refine and readjust the instruction.
5. To help them to broaden and refine their tastes, and to expand their interests.

Jessica- wrinkle
1. I took a hand mirror and examined this wrinkle from the side, frowning to deepen it.
2. The wrinkle of annoyance creased the Deputy under Secretary's mouth.
3. They were forced to sit so close that each wrinkle of the boredom on the man's face was apparent.
4. Sometimes it's like a sort of spell, and I have to put my tongue out and wrinkle my nose to break it.
5. Underneath the water, her skin would have begun to bleach and wrinkle.

Jackic- brow
1. " Who's this, then? " he inquired, quirking a brow. "
2. A grim expression furrowed his brow
3. Paul looked up at me with mightily furrowed little brows.
4. Nozaki saw by Wolverton's wrinkled brow that he hadn't given that possibility much thought.
5. Paul wrinkled his brow.

Jessica Chiang- supply
1. The threat to supply lines between Moscow and the Volga provinces was obvious.
2. I have been asked to supply the models and I would like you to be one of them.
3. This is one of the benefits of a professional approach to industrial buying and supply management.
4. He had had no expectation of doing more than exasperate, and supply a distraction.
5. All the other measures of money supply only include sterling.

Anna- renew
1. They will now renew their application for asylum.
2. I’ve decided not to renew my contract.
3. He wanted a guarantee that he could renew the lease on expiry.
4. The Passport Agency is using advertisements to suggest that people renew their passports at other times of the year.
5. The draftsman should take care in dealing with the option to renew it.

Lina- decay
1. There fungal decay is found, this expert should specify the cause and suggest measures for its elimination.
2. Amid this moral decay, religious, ethnic and caste crusades have a growing appeal.
3. But half the sugar in the drink came from the milk and was not thought to cause tooth decay.
4. But the decay may not be spreading, in which case the damage done by intervention will not be worth it.
5. It was men who were the cause of racial decay

Sherry- cherish
1. It is the act itself you must cherish.
2. It is in fact the only notice I cherish.
3. These are titles I cherish and do not intend to give up easily.
4. I want to love you and cherish you
5. November is the kind of month that we year-round walkers cherish.

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