2008年12月31日 星期三

Don't Block Your Eyes When You "See" English!

Dear all,

I will finish checking all of your writing within the four-day holidays in Tainan and post the comment online if the Internet goes well. Then, I'd like you to count how many errors you make in your written work and compare the number of errors with that of the previous essay. Each time, you have to see how much you improve yourself in English writing.

Here is what I want to say to you at the beginning of the New Year:
Being an English major, you (I) need to have enthusiasm in studying English and using English. I hope to see your (my) improvement one day after another!

My dear, “Happy New Year!”

2008年12月29日 星期一

Comment on Your Previous Blog Writing1

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
Your Blog Writing1
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2008年12月27日 星期六

Weekly Journal!

Keeping a journal is a good way to give you insights. It tells you what you have experienced in life and how you have thought through contemplation. Reading novels or stories is another way. Fellow students, before you share your creation with others here, let's enjoy watching what O' Henry said.

2008年12月25日 星期四

Beautiful Writing (好文共欣賞)!

L4 “I Can !” by Winny (欣賞本文的正確性與流暢度)
Kacey was a man who lost both his legs in an accident. He didn’t give up his dream — playing basketball on the team. Although he had no legs, he still could do many things as well as others people. He made his dream come true. He wasn’t the best player on the team, but he practiced very hard. He also could play the baseball well.

The author gave us some examples of physically challenged people. They weren’t healthy, but they were active. They didn’t let their problems stop them from doing anything that they wanted to do.

Where there is a will, there is a way. We can’t be afraid of anything and do things without perseverance. When you are having trouble next time, just say ‘you can!’ With strong perseverance and wills, you will achieve what you expect to do.

L3 “Three Steps to Success” by Claire (欣賞本文的流暢度)
J.K Rowling, she writes Horry potter. She was not rich before. While working as a teacher, she didn’t have classes in the morning, so she always used her free time to write novels. She really liked to write novels. Afterwards, she married and had one daughter. However, her marriage was not happy, so she got divorced and then brought up her daughter. Although she needed to raise her daughter, she never gave up writing novels. Every morning she went to a coffee shop to eat breakfast and wrote novels. When she finished her book, she tried to find publishers but didn’t have any one to help her. She never gave up. From door to door, she finally found one to help J.K Rowling to publish. This book was called Horry potter. Now J.K Rowling is successful. “Never give up” is why she succeeds. That teaches me a lot. Don’t give up and work hard, and success belongs to you. But if you never work hard, success does not belong to you forever.

Lesson 7 “Science in the Kitchen” by Winnie (欣賞本文的簡潔性)
Science is all around us. If we look something closely and maybe you can see the science that makes it work. There are two examples. One is “Heat Air Expands.” When you boil an egg and sometimes heat causes the egg shell to crack. Then you can use a pin to make a small hole into the bottom of the egg that give air a way to escape. In that way, your egg won’t be cracked.
The other is you can put onions in the refrigerator before you cut them, because onions carry a kind of compounds that will make you shed tears. And in the case of the onion, you can prevent yourself from shedding too much tears
You can tell science in the kitchen to your mom or maybe your cook and they will love you more.

2008年12月24日 星期三

Give me your grade !!!!!!

1. Give me your grade. Don't let it fail a grade in the frist year in your senior high school.
2. Bring your exercise book on Thursday.

Merry Christmas to YOU All!

2008年12月18日 星期四

This Is Your Honor

Each of you has your gift or talent, which just needs to be explored. While experiencing a variety of tasks, you, with your heart, will quickly know what you have. So, do not waste any opportunities that can help you find your way even if it is not easy to go.

2008年12月14日 星期日

Little Penguins

I. A Scene of Father and Mother Penguins' Going Home
Time: 9 p.m./pleasant summer evening/sunset/
Place: beach
Character: Tourists; Father and Mother Little Penguins: 700 altogether
Plot: catch fish -->
come out of the water -->
waddle up beach towards their homes -->
feed their babies

II. Little Penguins
Appearance: tall, weigh
Family members: two babies in the summertime
Routine: go fishing about 14 kilograms of fish

III. Penguins' Dwelling
Dwelling: holes in the ground (i.e. burrows); nests with grass, leaves and twigs
Housework (take turns)
One--> hatch eggs and take care of them
The other--> search for fish

IV. Little Penguins' Behavior
Temper: stare at each other or walk away with low head and body
Love: imitate, clean feathers

Assignment: 12/26 Friday
Choose one of the articles from the textbook and retell it.

Please write your script first and paste it here by Wednesday.

2008年12月11日 星期四

Lesson 9 Demo

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:
Lesson 9 Demo
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Send your article and PowerPoint to yuying@slhs.tp.edu.tw this week because you are going to have a small talk this Friday.

2008年12月9日 星期二

Skills of Presentation

You may spend some time finding an interesting article about "time management." You may also spend a great deal of time reading and digesting it. Definitely, you want to share with your classmates what you have found and read. Are you ready to do so?

First, give a visual aid--PowerPoint slices. Second, remember to show the key points on the slices. With preparation, it is for sure that your audience will invest their time in listening to what you say.

Giving an effective presentation is not an easy task. You need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge and skills. What you need most is 3 ps: practice, practice, and practice.

2008年11月30日 星期日

A Value of One Day

Each of you has a Time bank that automatically credits with $86,400 every morning. However, it consumes the same sum of the money without any interest at the end of the day. In other words, the money in your bank will not be carried over night or day. What would you do with it?

Reading relevant articles or listening to others may be a good way to solve the problem. Now, try to find a related article about time management and share it with your classmates in class. Do not forget to submit the article to Chris first.

PS. Here is a famous doctor who lectured on the issue of Time Management. Why not take a look or log onto his website? http://download.srv.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch

2008年11月29日 星期六


Several things need to be finished on Monday.
1. Check out the writing exercises of the textbook.
2. Identify the indirect questions.
3. Talk about CHINDOGU.
4. Review lesson 5 to 8.

2008年11月23日 星期日

Wonderful Works about Signs

Why do you think the works are worth appreciating? There are three criteria that help you succeed in doing this assignment and get a high score. First, you have to try to find out signs that are not really familiar to you. Otherwise, why bother to give you this assignment? Second, write how you feel when you do this assignment. That is, while you are writing feedback, you need to focus on the journey of doing the assignment. At last, make sure your writing is readable because too many errors in writing will ruin your readers' interest.

2008年11月22日 星期六

Phonetics and Listening

如果k .k音標還不會唸的人
PS. Thank you, Lina. I used the two websites to help college students. You may try them. From Chris

About a silk banner

How to share this honor?
Please give me some suggestion.
Thank you~!

Reading--It's Power

Dear all,

This is another assignment after the midterm exam. I'll be there then.


2008年11月21日 星期五

Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

It is beautiful to immerse ourselves in childhood.
Let's enjoy the following poems and try to write our own poetry in the area of the opinions. Do not forget to focus on three principles: meaning, rhyme, and parallel structure.

The Swing
How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!

Up in the air and over the wall,
Till I can see so wide,
Rivers and trees and cattle and all
Over the countryside--

Till I look down on the garden green,
Down on the roof so brown--
Up in the air I go flying again,
Up in the air and down!

The Wind
I saw you toss the kites on high
And blow the birds about the sky;
And all around I heard you pass,
Like ladies' skirts across the grass--
O wind, a-blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!

I saw the different things you did,
But always you yourself you hid.
I felt you push, I heard you call,
I could not see yourself at all--
O wind, a-blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!

O you that are so strong and cold,
O blower, are you young or old?
Are you a beast of field and tree,
Or just a stronger child than me?
O wind, a-blowing all day long,
O wind, that sings so loud a song!

2008年11月20日 星期四

Friday Party!

Dear all,
Invention is happening anytime anywhere in life. It comes from the most gifts of humans--imagination and creativity. Now, please go to
http://website.lineone.net/~sobriety/ to watch the introduction of CHINDOGU, choose one of the products you like, and present it here and also in class.

From 寶純

TOEIC 多益閱讀訓練---字彙太多看不懂。

平時就要多涉獵各方面的文章,可以上一些英文報紙的網站,挑幾篇社論來閱讀,或是瀏覽每則新聞的標題。在學習新的單字時前先買一本好的英英字典。查到一個 單字可以將其紀錄在一本個人專用的字彙筆記本上,記得寫下它的音標、詞性,還有字典上所援用的例句;如果知道該字的一些相似可以互換的字彙,也可以將那些 字和它們的用法寫在旁邊。這個方式有助於在 TOEIC 多益文法項目中測試選擇正確用字 (Word Choice) 的部分。



文法上的訓練也是和閱讀訓練是相輔相成的。坊間的文法書成千上百本,選擇一本好的、實用的文法工具書比起花俏又華而不實編排的文法書還要重要的多。此外,文法書只是參考用的工具書,千萬不要拿來從第一頁開始死記硬背,而是針對自己較弱的環節下工夫。在準備多益 TOEIC考試時, 把平常做練習時錯誤的文法句型記錄在一本筆記本上,歸納自己是文法中的哪一個部分不夠熟悉,再利用文法書釐清自己的觀念。這樣,比抱著一本文法書硬啃的方 式還有效率。在此順道一提:一本好的文法書除了能有系統且清楚地闡述文法概念以外,應該也要同時具備有練習題的部分,讓學習者可以測試自己是不是已經真正 學會了該項文法概念。


【全民英檢 97年最新公告】
  「GEPT 全民英檢」自民國89年開辦以來,深獲各界肯定,從國、高中學生、大學生、社會人士,乃至七十歲以上長青族均在報考之列,總報考人數已逾260萬人次。根據本測驗過去八年的資料分析與相關研究結果,擬自新(97)年度起修訂部分測驗項目、通過標準等。該修訂經「全民英檢考試委員會」開會決議通過,並獲教育部核定。茲將修訂內容公布如下:


寶純 提到...


Give me your grade report !!!!!!

11/20 NWE FAR EAST lesson 7 (Paper Test)
11/24 NEW FAR EAST lesson 8 (Paper Test)
11/27 NEW FAR EAST lesson 7 and 8 (Listening Comprehension)
1. Give me your grade report, please.
2. Finish doing exercise book lesson 7 before this Thursday.
3. Finish doing exercise book lesson 8 before next Thursday.
4. Follow our curricular progress to memorize word.
5. From now on, begin to prepare the second monthly exam.

2008年11月18日 星期二

Write Your Blog and Win the Prize

比賽資訊website: http://blog.udn.com/hfcampaign3/2298323



The Difference among "As", "While," and "When"

Thank Jackie to offer the interesting question. Here is good illustration that comes from "English Grammar in Use" published by Cambridge Universtiy Press. You may have one if you need to have a grammar book. Please let me know if you still don't get it.

The Pyramid Code 3 minute Teaser

This is the magnificent work of my classmate, Carmen, and her team--Michael Damon (original music) and Eric Phillips-Horst (cinematography). Why not take a look? When you are senior, you are going to have your own work--your own project.

2008年11月17日 星期一

What does BOT stand for?

This question was asked by Fraddy and Clark long time ago.

What does BOT stand for?
即Build (興建), Operate (營運), Transfer (移轉) ,意指政府規劃工程交由民間投資興建並經營一段時間後,再移轉給政府。
BOT is the abbreviation of Build, Operate, and Transfer. BOT means a public construction planned by the government, built, and operated by privately owned corporations for a certain agreed-period, then transferred back to the government.

2008年11月15日 星期六


1. 英文學習單L6.L7

2008年11月10日 星期一

Schedule of November

Test :
11/10 NEW FAR EAST lesson 5 (Listening Comprehension )
11/11 NEW FAR EAST lesson 6 (Paper Test )
11/13 NEW FAR WAST lesson7 words
11/18 NEW EAST lesson 6 (Listening Comprehension )
Homework :
1.Finish your exercise book lesson6 before this weekend and check your garde if you haven't finish some test.
2.Finish worksheet before next Monday.
3.Group4 remember to look up NEW FAR EAST lesson8 words.
Information :
We won't test Ivy November lately because the second monthly exam scope don't include it.

2008年11月9日 星期日

Are you interested in the two pieces of news?

I. 華爾街美語--超級巨星英文歌唱大賽 WSI Super Star Competition and Win the Money.

II. 東方技術學院
參、承辦人員: 莊靜宜老師,林芳宇老師
肆、協辦單位: 東方技術學院應用外語系系學會
  二、時間: 8:30am~12:00pm
  三、地點:東方技術學院 數位教學大樓 階梯教室三
  院應用外語系 林芳宇老師 TEL:(07)6939642或(07)6939641轉 211 手機:0970059387
三、傳真報名:傳真:(07)6939642 ext.204或(07)6936946,請註明「應外系全國五專低年級及高中職學生 英語演講比賽」,報名表上必須加蓋校方或承辦單位印信。
四、通訊報名:請用掛號方式寄至“ 82941高雄縣湖內鄉東方路110號 東方技術學院 應用外語
系 林芳宇老師收”,報名日期以郵戳為憑,報名表上必須加蓋校方或承辦單位印信。
1. A person that influences me the most
2. The most embarrassing experience I have ever had
3. How to become a popular person
4. From global warming to environmental protection
1. Content:Originality 25% Organization 25%
Delivery:Fluency 20% Pronunciation 20% Gesture & Posture 10%
2. 參賽者需準備為時三分鐘之演說,未滿二分三十秒者,每少三十秒扣總成績一分(未滿三十秒以三十秒計算);超過三分鐘者,每多三十秒扣總成績一分(未滿三十秒以三十秒計算),以此類推。
1. 參賽者不得穿著校服。
2. 參賽者依報到順序抽出場順序後,請配帶號次牌於左胸前,以茲識別。
3. 不得手繕小抄或講稿,犯規者得予取消比賽資格,且成績不予計分。
4. 除了工作人員必須照相以作為活動存檔之外,其他入場者不得拍照或攝影,未遵守規定者得予
5. 因侑於場地空間有限,每位參賽者限由一位指導老師或親友陪同參賽。
6. 交通膳宿請自理。
7. 「參賽證明」將於活動後一個月內,郵寄給參賽學生,請在報名表寫上清楚的住址。
  第一名 獎金4000元、獎狀乙紙。
  第二名 獎金3000元、獎狀乙紙。
  第三名 獎金2500元、獎狀乙紙。
優勝 共三名 獎狀乙紙。

2008年11月6日 星期四

School Report

Please log on the website to take a look at your school report of AFL_reading. (http://homepage.ntust.edu.tw/yuying)
Please let me know if there is anything wrong.

2008年11月1日 星期六

IWiLL_Reading Club

Book list for this winter
1. Heidi (Scholastic)
2. George's Marvelous Medicine (Puffin Books)
3. Christmas in Prague (Pearson)
4. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (Oxford)
5. The Eye of the Tiger (Pearson)
6. Dragonheart (Macmillan)


Step2:進入之後點選左方的”Course Information”


Step4:更改Course title/時間è記得要SAVE

班級名稱先設為"英文", 老師可至平台中更改班級名稱, 更改方式如附件
學生第一次登入密碼為預設密碼 0000四個零,








Reference: 2008年10月 Cheers雜誌

2008年10月28日 星期二

Singing Competition

There is room for our improvement. Think about it and share it togehter with your classmates.

2008年10月24日 星期五


因為版面有點亂,所以請把drama script放在5-minute play的意見欄。

2數課 2-1
7 看同學給你的評論

Five-minute Play (Drama)

Why drama? It is because drama helps learners develop a wide area of skills such as incorporating physical movement, vocal action, and mental concentration. These are seldom found in traditional classrooms. In addition, students can find a way to learn the material and practice their language. As David Booth mentioned, "Drama can make breaks with the dominant expectations of school and society, and become...a movement toward a consciousness of what might be. In so doing, drama can aid in bringing about needed social changes that...could result in a freer human development."

Isn't that beautiful? Now, put your group name, members, characters, setting and plot in the following.

Reference: http://admin.yuntech.edu.tw/~etlc/html/97-3news.htm

2008年10月23日 星期四

How to Give Effective Feedback on Writing

Here are some tips for you to give effective feedback on one's writing:
1. Use composition guidelines.
--Thesis Statement/Topic sentence
--Supporting Ideas
--mechanic skill: Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation

2. Point out the positive and negative aspects of the work.
--Do not forget to give reasons
--Give examples if possible
e.g. Your tone is perfect or your points are clear and easy to skim because ....

3. Focus on small parts which help your readers find the information faster.

e.g. Can you think of a title that tells what's in it for the reader?

4. Ask questions because questions can help the writer and you think.
e.g. Do you have specific data that might convince readers?

5. State your arguments or debate.
--State what you think no matter whether you disagree or agree with your peers.
e.g. Although your viewpoints sound workable, we still cannot make 100 percent sure. For example, ....

Other references:

Assignment: Discuss and Give peer-feedback.
Group 1 --> Group 2
Group 2--> Group 3
Group 3--> Group 4
Group 4--> Group 1

2008年10月21日 星期二


10/23(四) 要周考(雜誌10/1~10/8)




2008年10月20日 星期一


Version 1:
1. Thesis Statement/Topic sentence 5%--see if it matches the topic
2. Supporting Ideas 10%--see if there are enough illustrations or examples
3. Organization 20%--see if the sentences are logical connected
4. Content 30%--if the ideas are interesting, convincing and exciting, etc.
5. Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation 30%--see if there are any grammatical mistakes & mark them down
6. Rhetoric 5%--see if beautiful words and phrases are used & list them out

Version 2: 等級: 優, 可, 差, 劣1. 內容:
a. 能清楚界定一個切合命題、有意義的主題,並有具體、完整的相關細節來支持。(5-4分)
b. 有主題、但發展不全﹔或主題不夠突顯、有與主題不相關之敘述。(3分)
c. 有些句子與題意有關,但重覆、未能發展成與題意有關之主題,或主題混淆不清
d. 文不對題或沒寫 。(凡文不對題或沒寫者,其他各項均以零分計算。)

2. 組織
a. 有開頭、發展、結尾,轉承語使用良好,段落連貫,行文統一。(5-4分)
b. 有佈局,但要點安排不妥﹔開頭、發展、結尾比例不當﹔轉承語使用不好,以致行文不甚流暢。(3分)
c. 題意分散在各處,未能連貫發展,行文不流暢。(2-1分)
d. 全文沒佈局、段落不連貫、不統一。行文不流暢,毫無組織可言或未按提示寫作。(0分)

3. 文法
a. (句構修詞) 句子統一、有變化,修辭妥當,文法無誤。 (4分)
b. 錯誤主要為時態、數、一致性,但不影響文意表達。(3分)
c. 有連接詞誤用,句子不完整或結構錯誤等現象、或錯誤影響文意之表達。(2-1分)
d. 文法錯誤極多,嚴重影響文意表達。(0分)

4. 用字﹑拼字
a. 用字清新、精確、合乎習慣用法﹔沒有拼字錯誤。(4分)
b. 用字單調、重覆,偶有錯別字或拼字錯誤,但不影響文意之表達。(3分)
c. 用字不當,且拼字錯誤多,文意表達不明確。(2-1分)
d. 只寫出與題意有關的零碎字詞¸未能表達完整的意思。(0分)

5. 格式、標點﹑大小寫
a. 格式、標點、大小寫均無錯誤。(2分)
b. 格式、標點、大小寫等有錯誤,但不影響文意之表達。(1分)
c. 格式、標點、大小寫等錯誤甚多,違背基本的寫作體例。(0分)

2008年10月18日 星期六


2.要寫每段的段落大意(寫在最上面的框框)→ 每段的段落大意寫在每段的上方
1.○之頌→ ○代表春、夏、秋、冬,選一個季節寫
2.生命因○○而充實→ ○○要擺什麼,想想看吧!
4.○○○的啟示→ ○○○要擺什麼,想想看吧!


2008年10月10日 星期五


代小p po

2.英習L2~4 寫完 &訂正完答案,上課檢討

考 數學 實用英文(遠東閱讀&寫作) 計概 英文(遠東L1-L4)

考 國文 英聽講練習(雜誌CD& all 生字)英閱讀寫作 基礎化學



2008年10月7日 星期二

Inspiration from J. K. Rowling

Dear all,

You must get some inspiration from the article about J. K. Rowling. Here is your turn to write something about a book or an author that impresses you most. Since we do not have time to speak it out, please put your thought in the opinion section.

The following questions may help do the task.

1. An introduction to the author:
Who is the author? Why is she/he famous for? What kinds of series (e.g. fantasy) does she/he write?

2. The brief summary of the story or the novel:
What is the story/novel about? Which part is the most fantastic?

3. The part that impresses you most:
Why do you think the book or the author successful? What do you learn from it?

You may take a look at the website
http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/bookrev/read.htmand see how to write a good book review.

2008年10月5日 星期日

I Am So Touched!

Dear all,

I was so impressed that you came to school and worked hard singing. Though few of your classmates did not make it, you did not complain. You still worked hard practicing it. That is what I always pursue in my life: less complaints, more laughter. You are so great! You did it! I was especially touched when I saw your sunny faces. Your politeness and your diligent attitude made me feel "life is beautiful." You are so beautiful!

PS. Dexter, Ed, Nas, Clark, Michelle, Tako, and Jane, please come to me this Monday. I'd like to listen to you and make sure you know how to sing the songs!

English Song

Dear all,

Today (10/05), we will practice English Song, Start of Something New, in the SLHS. Please, won't be late. If you can't come, please tell Moni or me. It is important for the class to win the game. Please come to practice, thank you.

Your class leader,

2008年10月4日 星期六


10.完成Reading Log

2008年9月30日 星期二




2008年9月29日 星期一

Use Your Time Well

Dear all,

Because of the typhoon, we have one day off. That means you do not have to go to school on Monday. Here I suggest you stay home studying for the first exam. For the schedule seriously lags behind, I plan to use all the class time to go over lessons 2, 3, and 4. So, in the following week, we will only foucs on the magazine and English Reader, not TOEIC.

Wish us luck!


PS. The typhoon disorders our schedule. For that reason, we still stick to the topic of "my friend." As to the "book" review, we have to wait until we go over lesson 3.

2008年9月27日 星期六


12.星期一要交英文習作喔! (reminded by Susan)


2008年9月22日 星期一


Let's win the big prize.

1. 英文擂台賽、國文深耕網各年級資料已更新完畢,帳號、密碼為"sl+學號",請同學踴躍上網

2. 全國高級中等學校讀書心得寫作比賽

2008年9月21日 星期日

Something Needed to Be Done

1.大家快快熟悉英文歌The start of something new



1.9/22(一) 第一組的英文重點整理(從今天開始每天被國文單字五個)

2.9/22(一) 英閱讀測驗 考閱讀第4章




6.9/25(四)考遠東單字1 ~ 9面

7.9/26(五)第二週常春藤週考(考卷) English Talk: introduce one of your friends.







2008年9月20日 星期六


We will not go over lesson 2 of the FarEast English Readers for the time limited, so you need to read it yourself.


1. 9/22(一) 第一組的英文重點整理
2. 9/22(一) 英閱讀測驗 看到第4章完
3. 9/22(一) 英閱讀測驗 考閱讀第4章
4. 背國文注釋第一課
5. 週記
6. 9/23(二) 考第三週常春騰英文單字 提早準備
7. 9/24(三) 第三週常春騰週考(考卷) 提早準備
8. 9/26(五) 第二週常春騰週考(考卷) 提早準備 /English Talk: introduce one of your friends.
9. 9/30(二) 考第四週常春騰英文單字
10. 10/1(三) 第四週常春騰週考(考卷)
11. 9/25 考遠東單字 ~ 9面
13. 禮拜1(9/22) 每天背國文單字×5
14. 每天背遠東單字一面
15. 每天照進度看常春騰(融會貫通)

P.S : 請不要囤積太多作業,以免考試不順,作業太多,未來的路在你們手上,請努力。

2008年9月17日 星期三

What You Have to Do

Hello everyone, I am the class leader, JD.

There are some things you have to do and know :

A. 09/17 (三) 班會課要上英文課,請記得帶遠東課本。
B. 09/18(四) 第一節課為參觀圖書館,晚自習請各位自行前往。
C. 09/19 (五) 之前請重新分組,組長為原先那五個,請各自找好自己的組長與組員。
D. 09/19 (五) 之前請將班費200元繳交給事務股長,逾期者一天罰50元班費,如有困難請事先通知。
E. 09/20(六) 第一次班遊,請參加者務必不要遲到(以下附上通知單)。
F. 各位幹部請做"好"自己份內的工作,不要隨便交差了事。
G. 請大家趕快熟悉英文歌 The start of something new (以下附上網址)。

時間:2008年09月20日 星期六 中午12點
地點:長壽駛前 http://www.llbbq.com.tw
   台北市福國路52號 (02) 2835-2283
緊急連絡人:巫明峰(班長) 0981-227-916
      潘琬琳(風紀) 0930-709-727
行程:中午十二點在捷運芝山站一號出口集合 → 前往長壽駛前用餐(預計費用為四百一十塊不加交通費) → 預計下午兩點用餐完畢 → 各自解散
附註:此次活動舉辦費用須向參加人員酌收十塊錢(紙張影印費、電話通訊費),如各位家長須要在活動解散後,傳簡訊通知,請貴子女向班長說一聲,並且附上手機號碼;另外,當天如因故不能到者,請記得打電話給班長,十塊錢則不另外退環,有任何疑問請洽巫明峰(班長) 0981-227-916,謝謝。

2008年9月16日 星期二

Today is Tuesday



2.考動詞三態 P250~251


4.記得錄--英文發音課的那個有一張單子(標題:Sleep Disorder)要錄音

2008年9月14日 星期日

Homework !






4.記得錄---(英文發音)課的那個有一張單子(標題:Sleep Disorder)要錄音


Thank Susan for the supplementary comment.
有一張單子(標題:Sleep Disorder)要錄音,老師要當作業的那個。

2008年9月11日 星期四

Keep Working Hard!

Dear all,

We need to thank your English mini-teachers. With their help, we can see your achievement so quickly. The ones who missed the test and who did not do well must work harder than others. Keep studying!

2008年9月9日 星期二

Something U have to do and know...

a. Your upper classmates will give you a reception party in your English course this Thursday.

b. You need to bring two textbooks (i.e. TOEIC and FarEast English Readers) this Friday.

c. 週五記得帶2B鉛筆

d. 亦塘現在在榮總92病床--The mini-teachers of every subject can share what you've learned there if necessary. May God bless him and each of us! (Sep. 10)

1.週記遲交一天扣十分!!!!!(very terrible)







搶救高中生素質/劉揆:辦高中會考 當畢業門檻

更新日期:2008/09/09 05:39


Placement Test on Listening

This Friday we will take place a placement test on learning. Class, please bring your 2B pencils.

2008年9月7日 星期日

Know Your Score and Read the Comment

Dear all,

Please see your score and read your writing with my comment here. (http://homepage.ntust.edu.tw/YUYING/ --> 教授課程簡介 --> English Reading --> school report and Introduction with Comment)

應用外語科 一年六班
      intro. revised
座號 姓名   9月1日 9月6日
1 尹浚丞 Momo 100 85
2 毛善達 Dexter 100 99
3 伊 帝 ED 90 99
4 吳亦唐 Eric 90 99
5 巫明峰 JD 100 99
6 周昱昇 Kenny 90 54
7 陳廷源 Clark 80 63
8 游林東 Freddy 0 32
9 黃孝賢 Peter 0 30
10 萬嘉恩 Nas 0 0
11 劉力文 Vincent 100 76
12 王 瑄 Alice 100 65
13 王思文 Ivy 100 78
14 王珮琪 Lucy 100 99
15 王淑絹 Jessica 100 99
16 江 珊 Jackie 100 56
17 江 玲 Jessica 90 81
18 吳羿萱 Claire 100 58
19 李惠娟 Annie 100 99
20 杜玟諭 Winny 100 99
21 周泯均 Kelly 90 96
22 林呈晏 Vicky 90 74
23 林虹伶 Anna 0 73
24 邱微馨 Irene 100 62
25 柯靜雅 Belinda 80 90
26 張怡君 Tako 100 80
27 張敏兒 Michelle 90 61
28 郭予文 Dora 100 62
29 郭嘉文 Winnie 90 99
30 郭寶純 Lina 100 96
31 陳艾閩 Amy 100 71
32 陳怡翔 Sherry 100 93
33 陳玟卉 Lisa 100 99
34 陳書琦 Susan 100 79
35 陳暐涵 Ivy 80 43
36 游宜蓁 Vicky 100 99
37 黃湘淳 Iris 100 85
38 黃雯華 Eva 90 90
39 葉瑞瑜 Rita 100 71
40 潘婉琳 Alin 100 99
41 賴雅淳 Jane 80 99

Here is Tom Eric's introduction. I hope you can read it and learn more about him and even reflect yourself.

Tom Eric 提到...

I was born on a warm, sunny day in July in Peitou, Taipei, and I go to school at Peitou junior high school. I live with my Dad, Morris; my Mom, Ruby; and my brother, David. We live happily because our family is always filled with fun and joy. Sometimes we fight like cats and dogs, but won't hurt the feeling between us. Life to me means friends and family whom you can trust and who trusts you. I am pretty much looking at the happy side of life, but like all teens I do have my "days off" that means I do have some sad days or depressed days. Nothing can be smooth as you want. That's what people say: lifetime is always mixed with sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy. As I said in the beginning, I was born here in Peitou and I 've lived here for my teenage period.

I really hope I can see more of the world. Iin order to reach such a target, I hence have to study hard to obtain strong educational background and then I can fly higher and higher as eagles to overlook the Earth. By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tom Eric. I am going to be 16 years old soon. I am very pleased to be here with you guys in the same class for the upcoming four years. Let's hand in hand to make efforts on schoolwork during these four years under our homeroom Teacher's guidance and become excellent while we stepping into the society.

2008年9月5日 星期五

Grading Your Revised Introduction

Dear all,

I am going to grade your revised introduction this Satursday afternoon, so you need to post it by 12:00, this Satursday. So far, you still have a chance to revise it. The grading policy includes your content, length (at least 100 words), correct grammar, and spelling.

Good luck to you!


2008年9月4日 星期四

Placement Test--Oral Performance

You'll have an oral placement test in the evening of September 5.
Topic: My School Life
Time: 2 to 3 minutes
The process of your performance will be video-taped.


See the example:
or the winner

2008年9月2日 星期二

Respond to Your Introduction

Listening drills: http://www.esl-lab.com/index.htm
Learning website: http://www.hsenglish.com.tw/
GEPT: http://www.gept.org.tw/
TOEIC: http://www.toeic.com.tw/

Dear all,

After reading 30 students' introduction, I am glad to know that most of you love English and hope to learn it well. To be honest, I am not afraid your English is not good enough, but afraid that you do not have enthusiasm to keep learning it. So, let's start working on it. After all, actions speak louder than words.

The following are few things you need to do:
1. You needs to read the Ivy magazine each day and listen to the broadcast or the disc once you get it. Try to memorize the words you do not know because your vocabulary size is still too small.

2. Jessica C., Jackie, Tako, Jane, and Ivy, you group leaders have to start guiding your dear classmates to learn English. I believe each of you has your own way to help classmates move on in English. No matter what you do, remember, you need to hold group meetings each week at least and discuss what you've learned.

3. Again, you group leaders need to take turns posting the important information each week on the blog each week. I prefer reading English to Chinese.

Just let me know if you need any help.

2008年8月29日 星期五

Syllabus of Practical English (實用英文)

Fall, 2008

Instructor: Dr. Yuying Chris Chang
Philosophy: I cannot do everything, but I can do something. I won’t refuse doing something that I can do.

1. 學習英語聽、說、讀及寫的技能
To learn four English skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
To pass GEPT and get high score on TOEIC test

指定用書 Teaching Materials
1. TOEIC課本: Preparation Series for the New TOEIC Test
2. 常春藤雜誌 Ivy magazines

評分標準 Evaluation
1.期中、期末考Exams 60%
2.平時評量 40%
(1)出席、參與率 Class attendance and participation
(2)測驗 Quizzes


Syllabus of English Speaking and Listening (英文聽講)

Fall, 2008

Instructor: Dr. Yuying Chris Chang

1. 喜歡英語 To love learning English
2. 使用日常英語:聽、說能力 To use English in daily life: listening comprehension, speaking ability

指定用書 Teaching Materials
1.遠東高中英文第一冊Far East English Readers, B1
2.講義 Handout

評分標準 Evaluation
1.期中、期末考Exams 60%
2.平時評量 40%
(1)出席、參與率 Class attendance and participation
(2)演示 Presentations
(3)測驗 Quizzes


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

2008年8月28日 星期四

Syllabus of English Reading (英文)

Instructor: Dr. Yuying Chris Chang
Email: yuying@mail.slhs.tp.edu.tw
Webpage: http://homepage.ntust.edu.tw/YUYING/
Blog: http://slhs106.blogspot.com/
Philosophy: Time and Industry produce everyday new knowledge … Anonym

1. 配合教育部頒訂之高中(職)學校英文課程標準 (to follow the criteria of high school objectives proposed by MOE)
2. 激勵學生學習英語 (to motivate students to learn English)

3. 提高英文聽說讀寫能力,習得英文學習策略 (to enhance four skills and acquire strategies in learning English)

4. 比較中西方文化 (to compare western cultures with ours)

5. 為未來升學或就業作準備 (to help students prepare for the further studies or employments)

課程教材(Teaching Materials)
1. 遠東高中版教科書 (English Readers for High Schools, B1)
2. 課外補充講義 (Handouts: supplementary readings)
3. 文法書 (Grammar book)
4. 字典 (Dictionary)

授課方式 Contents)
1. 老師講授 (Lecturing, discussion, story-telling, film-watching, etc.)
2. 學生上台報告、演示、部落格寫作 (Students' talk shows, presentations, and blog writing)

課程評分標準(Grading Policy)
1. 學期評量60% (First & Midterm: 30%; Final:40%)
2. 平時評量 40%
a. 平時測驗 (Quizzes)
b. 上課出席率及參與 (Class attendance and participation)
c. 作業、報告 (Assignments, talk shows, presentations, and blog writing)

1. 分組學習 (Study group)
2. 課前預習 (Preparation in advance: individual)
3. 課後作業、復習 (Review the lessons: individual)


One way to help others remember your name is to give a unique self-introduction. Take me as an example. I am Chris, but I am a female. (Please do not say "I am a girl or boy or a female or male when facing each other, because it is redundant. You will see the listener and understand that.) You may doubt why I use a male-like name "Chris." Originally I named myself after a beautiful girl who had sense of justice and smartness in some ways in the TV series called Three Companies. Her name was Christina. So, I was Christina then. However, when my college teacher made a roll call, there came out two Christinas which confused my teachers and classmates. Although both of us loved this name, we still hoped to solve the problem. Thus, we discussed on it and decided to cut our name into two parts: Chris and Tina. My partner Christina was a sincere Christian, who hoped I could get the blessings from God. She wanted me to get Chris. I loved this idea, too. Then, whenever we introduced ourselves, we always stood together and said we were Chris and Tina. That is how I got my name. Interesting? Now, it is your turns to talk about yourself.

PS. You need to give your email account ASAP, so that you can start writing your introduction.

See the example: http://golive.liveabc.com/magazine/online/2008/soaking.asp

2008年8月23日 星期六

New Semester

Can you believe the summer has gone? Well, it is! Some, of course, are thrilled about going back to school, especially a new school, while others are less enthusiastic. No matter what kind of feeling you have, welcome on board! Welcome to the English World! Now you have to spend some time to be familiar with the new environment including the school, the department, the courses, the teachers, and the classmates.

Here is something I need to remind you: remember, you are not a junior high; you are a senior high school student already! So, act as an adult and be mature to face the challenging future. You need to focus on the behavior and academic aspects and work hard to win the success. Otherwise, something terrible will happen!

Don't be afraid. If you have any further question about the school or the department, please come to us facilitators who are always standing by you.