2009年6月23日 星期二


To polish your language skill, I strongly suggest you have to read aloud every day and keep writing at least every week!

I. 作業內容 Assignments
1. 開學複習考Review Test: B1 and B2 for High School (HS) and Vocationa High (VHS)
2. 開學複習考Magazine in July
3. 小說閱讀 IWiLL Reading Challenge (6 novels) 使用方法請閱讀 2009年1月31日 星期六blog
4. B3 vocabulary
5.對話演示 Choose two of the conversations from the textbooks and video-tape them: either using a video camera (or a cell phone) or using PowerDirecter (or Ulead Studio). 參考http://projectwriting.blogspot.com/
6. 多益p.238~p.258

分組名單B1B2: (you can add roles if necessary)
L1: 16, 23, 26
L2: 13, 17, 20, 32; 24, 28, 40, 41; 1, 31, 30, 29; 6, 3, 10, 2
L3: 38, 21; 8, 9
L4: 6, 3, 10, 2; 25, 27, 35, 37, 22
L5: 11, 14; 24, 28
L6: 11, 14; 40, 41; 16, 23, 26

L7: 38, 21; 18, 19
L8: 8, 9; 33, 34, 39, 15, 12
L9: 33, 34, 39, 15, 12; 25, 27, 35, 37, 22

每個人都有2次的成績, 超過加分計

II. 暑假平日網路複習測驗 (包括職校與普通高中課本: 掛網時間3到5天, 若有問題或困難及早告知)
July 8: HSB1L1-4; B3L1-2 vocabulary
July 15: HSB1L5-8; BL3-4 vocabulary
July 22: HSB1L9-12; B3L5 vocabulary; magazine W1
July 29: VHSB1L1-4 & 5-8; B3L6 vocabulary; magazine W2
August 5: HSB2L1-4; B3L7-8 vocabulary
August 12: HSB2L5-8; B3L9 vocabulary; magazine W3
August 19: HSB2L9-12; B3L10vocabulary; magazine W4
August 26: VHSB2L1-4 & 5-8; ; B3L11-12 vocabulary

所有作業及測驗練習皆列入下學期英文, 實英, 及英文聽講成績計算

2009年6月17日 星期三




L12 Student Book (習作12課解答)

I. 答案
Ans: 1. affect 2. familiar 3. bombarded 4. organization 5. endorsing 6. underestimate 7. pressure 8. commercial 9. celebrities 10. slogan 11.reduction 12. promotion 13. elusive 14. critically 15. convincing

Ans: 1.B 2.A 3.C 4.A 5.D 6.C 7.D

Ans: 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.C 7.B 8.A

Ans: 1.on 2.with 3.with 4.of 5.without

Ans: 1.think up 2.are, meant 3.pays attention to 4.loyal to, for 5.It is hard for us to estimate the number of ads/how many ads we see every day. 6.The fewer calories you take in, the more likely you are to stay in shape. 7.Add some herbs to the dishes, and you will find the dishes become more delicious and nutritious.

1. 355-1235
2. 40 pings
3. the second ad.
4. 737-2618
5. NT$60,000
6. 351-2716

2009年6月15日 星期一

Keys to Bermuda Triangle

The winner goes to Kelly.

Watch the legend of the Bermuda Triangle again!

1. What flight number was the air traffic controller calling from Fort Lauderdale?
The air traffic controller was calling FT28 from Fort Lauderdale.
2. When did a group of aircraft disappear in the beginning of the film?
They disappeared at December 5th, 1945.
3. What did the pilot say to the air traffic controller before it vanished?
The pilot said, “I guess everything’s wrong. Even the ocean is different.”
4. What was Flight 19? What special is it?
Flight 19 was a routine training machine of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers. It was a US navy top-shaped submarine killer.
5. How much weight did Flight 19 carry?
Flight 19 carried 2000 pounds.
6. How was the weather when Flight 19 took off?
It did not mention, but the time was winter afternoon when Flight 19 took off.
7. How many hours did Flight 19 disappear after they took off?
After 4 hours, Flight 19 disappeared.
8. When was the naval rescue aircraft sent to rescue Flight 19?
It was in the darkening in the skies.
9. How long did the rescue aircraft also disappear?
After 20 minutes, at 7:47p.m., it also disappeared.
10. What time did the rescue plane disappear?
The rescue plane disappeared at 7:47 pm.
11. What did the Coast Guard and Navy find on the sea?
They found nothing. (No wreckage was found.)
12. How long has the event lasted?
The event has lasted for 60 years.
13. Where is the Bermuda Triangle?
It covers an area between Miami of Florida, the island of Bahamas and Puerto Rico.
14. What square meters does the Bermuda Triangle cover?
The Bermuda Triangle covers 1.5 million square meters.
14. What year did Columbus sail on the Atlantic Ocean?
Columbus sailed on the Atlantic Ocean in1492.
15. How many ships and planes vanished in the Bermuda Triangle without any warning?
Thousands of ships and planes simply vanished in this area without any warning.
16. How did people talk about the Bermuda Triangle? Give one of the theories.
They talked about there were the giant sea monsters or a hole of the ocean.
17. Who is Richard Winer?
He is an author who writes many best-selling books.
18. What does he do?
He writes about the strange disappearances.
19. According to Richard Winer, what do humans know and not know?
We know about the moon, Mars, planets and Earth, but we don’t know about the sea.
20. How is "disappearance" right now?
Disappearance continues now.

2009年6月11日 星期四

L11, Student Book (L11習作解答)

2. pleased 2. seized 3. reassured 4. afford 5. managed
6. revenge 7. panic 8. giant 9. literature 10. charming
11. horrible 12. digestion 13.humorous 14. recognition 15. talkative

1. D 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. B 10. A

1. E 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. C

1. manage, cut out, for the next/following
2. much higher than we had expected
3. past caring, as well
4. going on with the conversation
5. Follow her example
6. He is too young to work part-time.
7. How time flies! Do you remember the first time (when) we met?

1. B 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. D

Key to L11 Vocabulary Testing Sheet (生字解答)

一、文意字彙 共出30題
1. charming Charles is a nice guy, but I don't think he is my prince c_______g.
解析: prince charming 白馬王子
2. recognize Jim almost didn't r_______e Alison, who had lost a few pounds, put on makeup and had a perm.
3. managed He was poor, but m_______ed to work his way through college.
解析: work one's way through college 半工半讀唸完大學
4. ruined The careless server splashed water on me and r_______ned my suit.
5. mouthful At table, you should chew each m_______l fully before taking the next bite.
6. horribly Though she was injured h_______ly in the accident, she made a full recovery.
解析: injured 受傷的
7. weight There was a slight decrease in his w_______t after a week of dieting.
8. earn He'd like to buy his own house, but he doesn't e_______n enough money.
9. panic Someone said the building was on fire, and everyone ran out in a p_______c.
10. revenge Evan took his r_______e on those who used to laugh at him when he was a kid.
解析: take revenge on sb. 對某人報復  used to + V 過去曾經……
11. digestion He always likes to sit for a while after a meal to allow time for proper d_______n to take place.
12. chat He dropped in and had a c_______t with me
13. literature We learned a lot about Shakespeare in our English l_______e class.
14. sank All the crew members were rescued before the ship finally s_______k.
15. weighed The baby was in perfect health and w_______hed 3.8 kilograms at birth.
16. mean I don't know why she was so m_______n to you; maybe she's in a bad mood.
17. humorist A h_______t is a writer who specializes in writing amusing things.
18. sunk The rescuers believed that the ship had already s_______k to the bottom of the sea.
解析: rescuer 救難人員  bottom 底部
19. horrible The little boy lost his sight in a h_______e accident.
20. penny I went on a trip with my aunt and uncle, and it didn't cost me a p_______y.
21. manage "Do you need any help with those heavy bags?" "No, thanks, I can m_______e."
解析: put on makeup 化妝  perm 燙髮
22. conversation I just had a bizarre c_______n with a stranger on the phone: he said he was my secret admirer.
解析: bizarre 詭異的  secret admirer 神祕仰慕者
23. pleased My parents are very p_______d with my good grades.
24. overload Don't o_______d the washing machine, or it won't work properly.
25. earns Brazil e_______ns many millions of dollars a year from coffee exports.
26. afford I can't a_______d to lose a considerate friend like you!
27. barely Please speak louder. I can b_______ly hear you on the phone.
解析: louder 大聲一點
28. giant Landing on the moon was a g_______t step for mankind.
解析: mankind 人類
29. reassured The government r_______ed people that the disease was under control.
解析: under control 在控制之中
30. unless Don't put personal information on the Internet u_______s it is necessary.
解析: personal 個人的

二、詞類變化 共出10題
31. extreme The palace is magnificent in the _______ (extremely).
32. humor I was just kidding! Don't you have a sense of _______ (humorist)?
解析: kid 開玩笑  a sense of humor 幽默感
33. talkative I have never met anyone more _______ (talk) person than Mike.
34. recognition Some schools are striving for official _______ (recognize) by the Ministry of Education.
35. reassure Little Doris was so afraid of the dark that her father had to _______ (assure) her that he would stay by her side.
解析: by one's side 在某人身邊
36. revenged Sandra _______ (revenge) herself on her ex-husband by persuading his new girlfriend to leave him for another man.
解析: revenge oneself on ... 報復……  persuade 說服
37. management Under his efficient _______ (manage) the school attained great prosperity.
38. horror I cried out in _______ (horribly) when I saw him fall in front of the car.
39. earnings Average _______ (earn) for skilled workers are rising.
40. pleasing We have made _______ (please) progress in our talks.

三、翻譯 共出20題,每題0分,共0分
41. 既然他已失去了一切,現在他什麼也不在乎了。
Now that he has lost everything, he is (p)_______ _______ now.
ANS: past, caring

42.在彼德 (Peter) 到達火車站之前,那班火車就已經開走了。_______________________________________________________________________
ANS: The train had left before Peter arrived at the station.

43. 除非你降價,不然我不會買它。
I'm not going to buy it _______ you lower the _______.
ANS: unless, price

44. 下課時,我們仍繼續寫報告。
We _______ _______ _______ our reports even during the class break.
ANS: went, on, with

45. 人類終於登上月球。
_______ _______, man has reached the moon.
ANS: At, last

46. 我必須從飲食中戒除冰淇淋和巧克力。
I must _______ _______ ice cream and chocolate from my diet.
ANS: cut, out

47. 她一大口一大口地吃得很快。
She ate the cake quickly in _______ _______.
ANS: large, mouthfuls

48. 除了凱文 (Kevin) 以外,我班上所有的學生都要去參加夏令營。
ANS: All of the students in my class will go to the summer camp except Kevin.

49. 這一個我也要。
I'll take this _______ _______.
ANS: as well

50. 經過多年的實驗,這些科學家終於有了豐碩的收穫。
After years' of experiment, _______ _______ the scientists had a fruitful harvest.
ANS: at, last

51. 他曾說他想同我們一起去,但他太懶惰以致於不能早上這麼早起。
He said he wanted to go with us, but he was ______ _______ to get up so early in the morning.
ANS: too, lazy

52. 服務生捧著一籃碩大的桃子經過。
The waiter came _______ _______ a basket of huge _______.
53. 珍妮佛對戶外活動不感興趣,她男朋友也是。
Jennifer is not interested in outdoor activities, __________ __________ __________ her boyfriend.
ANS: and, neither, is

54. 除非你確定芭芭拉在家,否則去之前最好先打電話給她。
__________ you are sure Barbara is __________ __________, you'd better __________ her before you go there.
ANS: Unless, at, home, call

55. 我從十五歲起就是艾薇兒 (Avril Lavigne) 的歌迷,瑪姬 (Maggie) 也是。
ANS: I have been a fan of Avril Lavigne since I was fifteen, and so has Maggie.

56. 這家超市只提供最佳品質的當令水果。
The supermarket provides only the highest quality fruits _______ _______.
ANS: in, season

57. 我不認為婚前同居是好的(有價值的)。
I don't _______ _______ living together before marriage.
ANS: believe, in

58. 在比賽開始前,球員彼此握手。
The players _______ _______ with one another before the game started.
ANS: shook, hands

59. 醫生建議我父親停止吃油膩的食物。
The doctor suggested that my father _______ _______ fatty foods.
ANS: cut, out

60. 那場表演很棒,因此結束時每個人都站起來鼓掌長達五分鐘。
The show was __________ good __________ everybody __________ __________ and clapped for five minutes when it ended.
ANS: so, that, stood, up

2009年6月9日 星期二

We Have Our Day

See, the world is learning Chinese.

If we can learn English well, we will have jobs for good. There is a slang that describes the situation: Every day has its day.

2009年6月6日 星期六

L10 Student Book (習作解答)

1. scholarship 2. trimming 3. prove 4. motivation 5. publish 6. pattern 7. workshop
8. spread 9. Nevertheless 10. cause 11. former 12. graduation 13. invented 14. informed
15. practical

1. D 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. B 6. A 7. D 8. B


1. D 2. A 3. C 4. E 5. B

1. none other than, invented 2. world of reading, writing for, forever
3. blind by accident at 4. All of a sudden 5. determine, fulfill my dream

1. He can’t learn everything just by listening.
2. You really should finish your project on your own.
3. Our teacher asked us to find out you where we went wrong immediately.
4. Sometimes it’s fun to get around the city by oneself.
5. I’ll be president of a big company by the time I’m thirty five.
6. I really enjoy the story written by J. K. Rowling.


1. to 2. teach 3. developed 4. musical 5. full-time 6. accomplished
7. selfless service 8. as

L10 Vocabulary (字彙解答)

I think English is hard to learn, and I'm glad I have such a p_______t teacher.
I spent the weekend at home, mending a broken chair in my w_______p.
To win the s_______p, your GPA has to be at least 4.0.
解析: GPA = grade point average 平均成績
Thank you for the i_______n. It really helped a lot.
Can you find any evidence to p_______e him guilty?
解析: evidence 證據  guilty 有罪的
D_______p inside the forest, there lives a witch.
解析: 將地方副詞 there 提到句首,後面則倒裝  witch 女巫
My father used to s_______n my pencils for me when I was little.
The alphabet was first i_______ed by the Phoenicians and then adopted by the Greeks.
We have spent a lot of time doing the p_______n practices in the textbook.
Mrs. Wang called earlier, saying she has some important i_______n to tell you.
They went so d_______p into the woods that they nearly got lost.
The staff has been reduced to two-thirds of its f_______r size.
To fix this radio, I need some t_______ls, especially a screwdriver.
解析: fix 修理  screwdriver 螺絲起子
Without m_______n, it is difficult to accomplish anything.
Be careful when you cut the onion─that knife is very s_______p.
It's a good idea to t_______m the fat from the meat before you cook it.
The dog was found d_______d under the trunk.
The car couldn't stop on the icy road, and it s_______d off to one side.
It's a teacher's duty to m_______e his or her students to work hard.
We are working hard to fight for the c_______e of freedom.
The bride and groom promised to love each other f_______r.
When will the g_______n ceremony take place? On June 19?
Studying in p_______c schools usually costs less than going to a private school.
His first novel sold very well, and he is going to p_______h another one soon.
So that we could all see it, Tom s_______d the map out on the table.
It is p_______y impossible to find a restaurant around here that isn't full.
His d_______h brought great sadness to his family.
Evacuating the people in the i_______ted area is the top priority of the government.
I'm sorry that I can't follow your advice; n_______s, thank you for offering it.
S_______rs from different universities gathered at the conference.

Mr. Smith had a heart attack and _______ (death) on the way to hospital.
解析: heart attack 心臟病發作
Mrs. Stone needs to be _______ (information) of what happened to her husband.
解析: be informed of N/V-ing 被告知……  what 子句作為 of 的受詞
Mr. Johnson is preparing his life story for _______ (publish).
His suggestion is quite _______ (practically). I think it will work.
I need to see some _______ (prove) of your ID; otherwise, I cannot allow you in.
解析: ID = identity身份  otherwise 否則
Martha married her boyfriend immediately after she _______ (graduation) from college.
解析: immediately after ... ……之後立即
Do you know when India gained _______ (independently) from Britain?
I wish I could _______ (invention) a machine that could transport a person from one place to another in seconds.
解析: transport 運送  from one place to another 從一個地方到另一個地方
Many Chinese _______ (scholarship) are interested in The Dream of the Red Chamber.
解析: The Dream of the Red Chamber 紅樓夢
This magazine is _______ (publication) once a week, so it is called a weekly.
解析: weekly 週刊

41. 我通常喜歡閱讀這作家所寫的故事。
I usually enjoy the stories ______ ______ this author.
ANS: written, by

42. 如果你存有動機,你便能成就不可思議的事。
If you have the _______, you can do _______ things.
ANS: motivation, incredible

43. 他總是為所欲為。結果,甚至沒有人試圖給他建議。
He always does things his way. _______ _______ _______, no one even tries to give him advice.
ANS: As a result

44. 泰德上班又遲到,結果被炒魷魚了。
Ted was __________ __________ __________ again, and he got fired __________ __________ __________.
ANS: late, for, work, as, a, result

45. 到了三十歲時,我要賺進第一個一百萬。
I want to make my first million dollars _______ _______ _______ I'm thirty.
ANS: by the time

46. 因為受傷了,我只能待在旅館而不能在這個景點走動。
Because I was hurt, I could just stay in the hotel rather than _______ _______ the scenic spot.
ANS: get, around

47. 我老闆會在三點以前回來,您要不要等他?
ANS: My boss will be back by three o'clock. Would you like to wait for him?

48. 天氣漸漸好轉了。(look up)
ANS: The weather is looking up.

49. 他們正設法解決新的電腦系統中的一些問題。
They are trying to _______ _______ some problems with the new computer system.
ANS: iron, out (figure out)

50. 多虧你的建議,我們產品的品質逐漸改善。
Thanks to your suggestion, our product quality is _______ _______.
ANS: looking, up

51. 請相信我,布朗老師(Mrs. Brown)。我的作業是我自己做的。
ANS: Please believe me, Mrs. Brown. I did my homework on my own.

52. 這位單親媽媽必須獨力撫養四個孩子。
The single mother had to bring up four children _______ _______ _______.
ANS: on, her, own

53. 新來的正是我的老鄰居 Thomas。(none other than)
ANS: The new arrival/newcomer was none other than my old neighbor, Thomas.

54. 犯下這宗罪行的不是別人,正是受害者的鄰居。
The man who committed the crime was _______ _______ _______ the victim's neighbor.
ANS: none, other, than

55. 我希望我們店裡的生意下個月會有起色,否則我們就得關門大吉。
I hope business at our store will __________ __________ next month; __________, we will have to close it.
ANS: look, up, otherwise

56. 這個特大得床幾乎佔用了整個房間。
The king-sized bed _______ _______ practically the whole bedroom.
ANS: takes up

57. 我爺爺過去小時候所住的那個城鎮,已經變成了一個很受歡迎的度假勝地。
ANS: The town where my grandfather used to live as a child has become a popular resort.

58. 布萊爾是一組突起點好讓盲人用來讀書。
Braille is a system of _______ _______ that blind people use to read books.
ANS: raised, dots

59. 在她年紀大到可以上學時,她就已經唸過很多本書了。
__________ __________ __________ she was old enough to go to school, she had already __________ a lot of books.
ANS: By, the, time, read

60. 起先車子平穩地前進,但突然間它快速打滑了。
At first, the car was running smoothly, but _______ _______ _______ _______, it slid forward rapidly.
ANS: all, of, a, sudden

2009年6月4日 星期四

L9 Grammar

until (or till) can be (A) a preposition (介系詞) and (B) a conjunction (連接詞)

(A) until當介系詞
not…until + 時間的點
例: She doesn’t study until the last moment.
The lazy boy won’t wake up until 10 o’clock.

(B) until當連接詞
not…until + 子句
例: The firefighters did not leave until the fire was put out.
The boy did not tell the truth until he saw his mother.

1. not 和 until不一定要連用,若動作是表示「持續或進行一段時間」亦可用之
例: Jane stayed in the library until eleven o’clock.
Alan will be away until Sunday.

2. not until 也可以放句首,但是句子要倒裝 (因為否定副詞放句首,句子倒裝)
例: They didn’t finish their report until Tuesday afternoon.
= Not until Tuesday afternoon did they finish their report.

例: Many people do not realize the importance of their health until they lose it.
= Not until many people lose their health do they realize the importance of it.

3. It is not until... that.... (分劣句)
It was not until yesterday that I noticed the new teacher.
It was not until I met you that I knew real happiness.
It was not until I visited him that I realized how serious his illness was.