2009年3月26日 星期四

Keys to the Midterm Exam (Listening and Reading)

Listening Section

I. Pictures 看圖辨義 – 28% 每題7分
Listen to the questions. Then choose the best answer according to each picture.

For questions number 1 and 2, please look at picture A.
1. What is the man doing?
A. He is saying something embarrassing.
B. He is asking the woman to marry him. (2/16)
C. He is acting astonished.
D. He is showing her something he found.

2. What does the man hope the woman will do?
A. Accept his proposal. (2/16)
B. Pretend to act astonished.
C. Settle for a cheap ring.
D. Consult with her family first.

For questions number 3 and 4, please look at picture B.
3. Why is the teacher happy?
A. Because she is at a fun program.
B. Because she is flying a helicopter.
C. Because her student wrote an impressive essay. (2/16)
D. Because her dictionary accepted her proposal.

4. What might the teacher say next?
A. This will ensure your failure.
B. Give me an entrance exam.
C. You can vouch for my character.
D. This score should boost your grade. (2/18)

II. Best Response 最佳回應句 –
Choose the best response to each question or statement.

5. If you’re a would-be detective, you should go to Whidbey Island, Washington. (2/21)
A. You can get a packet of information.
B. You can be a murderer for the weekend.
C. You can meet some friendly residents on the island.
D. You can be a sleuth and solve a crime.

6. The White Hat hacker discovered a flaw with our company’s website. (2/24)
A. He is an unsung hero to all of us.
B. He sent chills down my spine.
C. He made a deal with a criminal syndicate.
D. He used to wear a leotard.

7. If you visit Belize, you can swim with the rays and nurse sharks. (2/28)
A. If you like to go scuba diving.
B. If you’re an adventurous person.
C. If you like to look at delicate corals.
D. If you want to admire the rock formations.

8. Heather hopes to attain her goal of being the top student in her class. (2/18)
A. She is producing a lot of endorphins.
B. She has a positive, contagious spirit.
C. She is working hard to boost her grades.
D. She has assessed her strong points.

9. After our vacation, dad calculated all of our expenses. (2/3)
A. We spent too much money on property taxes.
B. We should have bought more groceries.
C. We spent exactly what we had expected to spend.
D. We didn’t make any big purchases.

III. Short Conversations 簡短會話
Listen to the conversations. Then answer the questions.

10. (2/12)
M: Have you met our new boss yet?
W: Yes, she seems like an educated woman.
M: How can you tell?
W: I had a conversation with her, and she’s very sharp.
Q: What is true about the boss?
A. She has a university degree.
B. She is an intelligent woman.
C. She can be rude to others.
D. She likes to chat with employees.

11. (2/14)
W: I am having major surgery tomorrow.
M: How long will you be in the hospital?
W: For a week. What am I going to do?
M: I’ll bring you some good books to pass the time.
Q: Why will the man bring the woman some books?
A. So she won’t be bored.
B. So she can get better soon.
C. Because she likes to read.
D. Because she wants to go home.

12. (2/25)
M: Why are you trembling, Sarah?
W: I just saw a scary movie.
M: Well, you shouldn’t watch things that frighten you.
W: I know. Now I can’t sleep!
Q: How did the movie affect Sarah?
A. She is sleeping more.
B. She is shaking with fear.
C. She is laughing a lot.
D. She is crying loudly.

13. (2/5)
M: Why are you wearing that? We’re going out to eat!
W: So? Which restaurant are we going to?
M: The Waterfront. So you should change your clothes.
W: Point taken. I’ll put on my nice dress.
Q: Why does the woman change her clothes?
A. Because she doesn’t like the clothes she’s wearing.
B. Because she likes fancy clothes.
C. Because she wants to make the man angry.
D. Because she agrees with the man’s suggestion.

IV. Short Talk 短文
Listen to the passage. Then choose the best answer for each question.

Are you an aspiring author who wants to publish a book? Many people are curious about the self-publishing process, which is gaining popularity. Self-publishing means that you publish your own book. With today's technology, you can literally write, edit, and publish a standard type book at a cheap cost. In fact, if you go through the self-publishing process, your book can be delivered to you in less than a week. Self- publishing means that you don’t have to hire a literary agent, so it will save you a lot of money and time. And, you can be your own boss when you self-publish.

14. Why are many authors self-publishing?
A. Because it’s an easy process.
B. Because they don’t like literary agents.
C. Because it is a long process.
D. Because they are bad authors.

15. How does technology help self-publishers?
A. It helps them become popular with bookstores.
B. It makes the publishing job faster.
C. It connects them with literary agents.
D. It teaches them new techniques.

16. What is not true about self-publishing?
A. A literary agent is not necessary.
B. You can edit your own book.
C. It takes a long time to get your book published.
D. Many people are interested in it.

2009年3月20日 星期五

Keys to Lesson 5 (Students' Book)

1. profession, 2. attempt, 3. emphasis, 4. occupy, 5. frequently, 6. visualize, 7. issue, 8. imply, 9. offend, 10. respectful

II. A, C, D, B


IV. 1. going, to, going, 2. simply by (by simply), listening, 3. called out, avoid touching, 4. As society, so do, 5. go too far


2009年3月17日 星期二


4/13-4/17 報名繳件




1. 全國高級職業學校及綜合高中職業類科之高一與高二在學學生,不限科別4人一隊,參賽者需具中華民國國籍。
 A組:應用外(英)語科學生
 B組:非應用外(英)語科學生
2. 每隊視需要可增派1名音響操作人員(若無,可從缺)。
3. 每隊限1名指導教師(若無,可從缺)。
4. 各校至多推派A、B兩組各四隊學生參加初賽,參賽人員不得跨隊及跨組重覆參與,違者撤銷該隊參賽資格;單一學校若有超額隊伍報名現象,依報名時間先後額滿為止。
5. 初賽與晉級決賽人員需一致,報名截止後即不得任意更換;除偶發特殊情況外,需檢附文件證明並經承辦單位同意後,始可更換。

 第一名1隊,頒發新台幣一萬元整之等值獎品及獎狀乙張。
 第二名1隊,頒發新台幣六千元整之等值獎品及獎狀乙張。
 第三名1隊,頒發新台幣四千元整之等值獎品及獎狀乙張。
 鼓勵獎1隊,頒發新台幣一千元整之等值獎品及獎狀乙張。

(一) 初賽
1. 題目:校園青春日記
2. 執行方式:
(1) 各隊參賽人員共4名,所有成員均需參與口語演說及音效伴奏
(2) 故事內容需由學生自行改編或創作,依附件5腳本標準格式撰寫。
(3) 請將故事演說過程攝影並製作成影片檔。
(4) 將影片以及故事內容原稿燒錄於光碟片,連同報名網站成功列印之相關資料寄回本中心辦理競賽初選。
3. 影片格式規定:
(1) 片頭及光碟正面請標註隊名;片長限制為5分鐘(影片內容不需參賽人員介紹或片尾等設計)。
(2) 拍攝規定請以固定位置及焦距拍攝全景;影片後置剪輯時亦不需使用特寫、轉場等編輯技巧。
(3) 影片完成格式僅限副檔名為MPG格式(建議使用Windows XP內建之Windows Movie Maker轉檔)。
4. 初賽評分標準:
(1) 故事內容:40% (創意、文筆、結構性)
(2) 語言能力:60% (發音、語調、流暢度)
(3) 為避免影響評審委員公正立場,影片中請勿出現任何各校象徵之圖名(包含:校服、校徽、校名或運動服等),違者該隊不予計分。
5. 注意事項:
(1) 影片光碟製作完成後,請務必事先播放測試及加厚包裝保護。
(2) 影片格式不符導致機器無法讀取時,本中心恕不負責協助參賽影片轉檔處理,將依報名資料不符規定,以自動棄權論。

(二) 決賽
1. 題目:校園青春日記
2. 執行方式:
(1) 出賽順序依決賽當日各校代表抽籤決定,遲到隊伍由主辦單位代抽籤;報到時間截止後,由主辦單位叫號3次未到者,以該隊棄權論。
(2) 各隊參賽人員共4名,所有成員均需參與口語演說及音效伴奏;若需背景音樂可增派1名工作人員操作。
(3) 故事內容需由學生自行改編或創作。
3. 決賽評分標準:
(1) 故事內容:30%(創意、文筆、結構性)
(2) 語言表現:50%(發音、語調、流暢度)
(3) 舞台表現:20%(台風、肢體動作、團隊默契)
(4) 參賽隊伍凡有人員出場或講話等表演動作即開始計時,比賽時間限制為6至8分鐘;未滿6分鐘之參賽隊伍,每1分鐘扣1分,未滿1分鐘以1分鐘計算;第7分鐘舉黃牌提示,超過8分鐘由主辦單位關閉麥克風並結束演出。
(5) 每隊均有2分鐘撤場時間,未於規定時間內清場完畢者,經主持人口頭警告後,該隊「團隊表現」項目成績以零分計算。
(6) 演說內容非決賽公告主題相關內容者,該隊「故事內容」項目成績以零分計算。
(7) 非經主辦單位核可之參賽人員,不得替代或頂冒,違者撤銷該隊資格。
4. 注意事項:

(三) 成績計算說明
1. 評審評定各隊「分數」。
2. 依評審個別「分數」轉換成相對應之「等級」。
3. 再依等級加總後之「等級積分」決定等級名次。「等級積分」最低者為第一名,依此類推。
4. 若遇「等級積分」相同者,再依該隊「累計總分」高低擇優錄取。
(1) 初賽時同列該名次,擇優取至前十名為止。
(2) 決賽時同列該名次,擇優取至前三名為止。
5. 評分範例如下:
團隊 Judge1 Judge2 Judge3 等級積分 等級
名次  累計
總分 最後
分數 等級 分數 等級 分數 等級
A 95 1 80 2 80 2 5 1 255 第一名
B 70 3 82 1 85 1 5 1 237 第二名
C 65 4 75 3 70 5 12 5 210 第五名
D 65 4 70 4 75 3 11 4 210 第四名
E 72 2 70 4 74 4 10 3 216 第三名


1. 報名網址http://www.etlrc.yuntech.edu.tw/,系統開放期限為98年4月13日中午12點至4月17日中午12點止。
2. 參賽隊伍請先於本中心專屬報名網站上登錄報名,並取得各隊專屬帳號與自設密碼;資料登錄後若在報名截止日期前需修改,請依專屬帳號與密碼自行做更新。
3. 網站登錄資料需與列印報名表相符,經各校教務處戳章認可,並於學生資料表(附件2)上貼妥參賽學生學生證影本備查,若經查核資格不符者,不予接受報名。
4. 請備妥參賽光碟、故事腳本4份、報名表、學生資料表、意見調查表與報名專用封面,以「掛號」寄至『64002雲林縣斗六市大學路3段123號 國立雲林科技大學中區英語教學資源中心 薛博仁 先生 收』,逕行初賽審核。
5. 收件進度可於報名系統上查詢,收件截止日期為98年4月17日(星期五)以郵戳為憑,逾期寄達者,以棄權論。
6. 決賽入選名單公布日期為98年4月30日(星期四)中午十二點,發佈於本中心網站。

1. 決賽日期訂於民國98年6月6日(星期六)上午8點30分至下午4點,假國立雲林科技大學舉行,當天請出示學生證或身分證正本供工作人員查對。
2. 參賽人員免繳報名費,承辦單位於決賽當天中午供應參賽隊伍餐盒,若無需要,敬請事先告知,以免浪費公帑。
3. 若有住宿或交通等費用,請各參賽隊伍自理。
4. 承辦單位保有比賽辦法更動權力,如有異動將立即公佈於本中心首頁,並於賽前公開說明規則,請各參賽隊伍詳加留意。
5. 上述所有事項若遇爭議,經本活動評審團會議決議,逕由主辦單位公告實施。


報名序號 98-(請依實際序號填寫) 學校蓋章處

報名組別  高中職組
學 校 科 別
獎狀郵遞處 郵遞區號: 收件人: 地址:
連絡人 姓名 電話 手機 E-mail

指導教師 編號 姓名 電話/手機 E-mail 出生年月日 身分證字號 受益人

參賽人員 01
工作人員 01
注意事項 1. 請務必填寫:出生年月日、身分證號、受益人以辦理保險使用。
2. 請務必填寫:學校緊急連絡人及獎狀郵遞地址。
3. 若無指導老師可從缺,每隊老師以1名為限。
4. 每隊參賽學生以4名為限,若需音控人員以1名為限,非報名表上人員,不得參與比賽,違者撤銷該隊參賽資格。
5. 請於98年4月日17(星期五)前,採「掛號」將報名相關資料,郵寄至『64002雲林縣斗六市大學路3段123號 國立雲林科技大學 中區英語教學資源中心 薛博仁先生 收』,收件截止日期以郵戳為憑。
6. 決賽日期訂於民國98年6月6日(星期六)上午8點20分至下午5點,假國立雲林科技大學舉行。
7. 競賽相關訊息請查詢技專校院中區英語教學資源中心網站(http://www.etlrc.yuntech.edu.tw/)
8. 為便於各校日後查詢,建議參賽隊伍於郵件寄出前,自行影印相關資料以供備查。


Here are the answers to the questions of Lesson 3:
Section I:
1. mascot, 2. socialize, 3. stuffed, 4. chanted, 5. pitcher, 6.university, disappointed, 8. chat,
9. nonstop, 10. rule, 11. presented, 12. differ, 13. analyzed, 14. based, 15. society

Section II:
1. different, playing, where, tradition, to, run, much, simply, socialize, analysis

Section III:
1. D, 2. A, 3. D, 4. B, 5. B, 6. C, 7. D, 8. C

Section IV:
2. The reason for my being late was that my car broke down on my way here.
3. the reason for his absence from the meeting was that he was seriously sick.
4. The reason for his dropping out of school was that his father went bankrupt.
5. The reason for Zoe's popularity is that she has a pleasant personality.

Section V:
1. The fans were so excited that they chanted and cheered nonstop throughout the game.
2. After hitting a home run, the player was presented with a stuffed elephant, which is his team's mascot.
3. To Americans, going to a baseball game with friends is a way to catch up on their lives.

Section VI:
1. B, 2. A, 3. A, 4. D, 5. C

2009年3月15日 星期日

Suggestions for Essays (by Professor Anonymous at Harvard)

Many people have found the following suggestions helpful in writing essays for this kind of course. Although some of the suggestions may sound elementary or obvious, they involve basic principles of good writing that are often neglected, with uniformly bad effects.
1. Answer the question, dealing with each part explicitly.
2. Make a systematic argument, progressing from an introduction to a conclusion. Don not just meander from point to point.
3. Try to take the viewpoint of the general, intelligent reader. Do not assume that the reader has the specialized knowledge of your instructor. What does the reader need to know to understand your argument? Take his or her viewpoint requires at least the following:
a. Introduce the topic to be discussed. Do not simply jump into the middle of things without any introduction or overview.
b. Define the central concepts. Do not assume that the reader knows what they mean.
c. Be explicit in your explanations, laying out exactly how, for example, a given concept explains the behavior in question.
d. Give concrete examples of behaviors. Vague references to general types of behaviors will not help most readers. People understand concrete examples much better than general categories, and working out the concrete specifics will help you to clarify our concepts as well.
e. State your conclusion explicitly, capping and tying together your argument.
4. Please do not at least one quick revision and editing before handing in the paper. Dashed-off papers sound dashed-off.

2009年3月14日 星期六

Notice your grade.

Notice here if you need to resit or you lack for grade.

2009年3月12日 星期四

2009年3月11日 星期三

School Repot

Please care about your achievement!

Why do we say "be being + adjective/pp"?

(1) be + being + pp. 基本上是被動式的進行式。
例如:Someone is stealing Tom!
--> Tom is being stolen!

(2) be + being + adjective 可用來描述某人在某一刻的表現。
例如: You are being rude. (你在此刻的表現極為傲慢無禮。)
I don't think my parents are being fair. My brother can stay overright with friends, but I am not allowed to. (在外過夜這點上,我不認為我的父母是公平的。)

2009年3月9日 星期一

Keys to Lesson 2, Student Book

Dear all,

Since we do not have time checkiing the answers of lesson 2 of the student book, you have to do it yourself. Don't forget to ask questions in class. Good luck to you!

I. Vocabulary
1. reception, 2. impolite, 3. Faith, 4. loyal, 5. symbolize,
6. jewelry, 7. reminded, 8. remove, 9. Variety, 10. connection

II. Blank-filling
1. borrowed, 2. given, 3. According, 4. dressing, 5. wedding

III. Blank-filling
1. cut, 2. clean, 3. repaired, 4. fixed, 5. taken

IV. Cloze Test
1. A, 2. B, 3. D, 4. B, 5. C

V. Reading Comprehension
1. B, 2. A, 3. D, 4. C

VI. Translation
1. cultural backgrounds, vary, from country to country
2. dates back to
3. single woman who catches, bouquet
4. impolite, more beautifully than

2009年3月7日 星期六

Do I? Do I?

The video is too big to put it online. So, any of you may go to me if you are interested in that.









Ed ((感謝你借我們椅子

唐唐 ((感謝你的保佑

大樹 ((感謝你的加油

前輩 ((感謝你的guts

利文 ((我們辛苦的directer

宣宣 ((感謝妳幫我們買東西吃

文文 ((攝影大師

珮琪 ((我們的儲備幹部

髮夾 ((我們的儲備幹部

江珊 ((謝謝你來聽我們演,看我們練習

性感 ((謝謝你來幫我們加油

ㄚ鬼 ((謝謝你很早就來看我們練習

阿杜 ((我們的儲備幹部

阿泯 ((謝謝你都跟阿鬼一起很早來看我們練習

微馨 ((謝謝你這個directer

靜雅 ((謝謝你都幫我們收我們吃剩的垃圾:)

怡君 ((我們的儲備幹部

小p (( 謝謝你都來提早來陪我們練習

嘉文 ((謝謝你的尖叫

寶淳 ((辛苦的媽媽:)

小閩 ((辛苦的姐解:)

書機 ((辛苦的directer ,辛苦的寫劇本

ㄚ琳 ((辛苦的同學:)

sweet mommy (( 謝謝你辛苦的寫劇本:))

sweet chris ((謝謝chris給我們的任何指導

sweet 昆龍老師 ((謝謝你給我們的指導

sweet 慧貞老師 ((謝謝你把我們的發音教的這麼票票

sweet everyone who helped ya106

2009年3月4日 星期三

Listen to the World Around You (Lesson 3)

The Map of the World

Emu (Australia) and Ostrich (Africa)

The Mascot: cheetah

2009年3月2日 星期一

Score (So Far)

Let me know if there is any question.