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B5L2 Lin Hwai-min and the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre

1. Over the past three decades, he has proved himself again and again as a choreographer of great ambition, courage, and genius.(見第8行)
(1) over the past three decades: 在過去這三十年來
例: In the past three years, he has tried his best to help his students.
(2) prove oneself (to be) something 證實自己有……的能力
例:She needs to prove herself a great leader.
3. It must have been like a wild dream at the time.(見第12行)
must + have p.p. 表示對過去事情的推測
例:David looked depressed when he left the office. He must have felt very frustrated after a day’s work.
must + 原形V 表示對現在事實的推測
例:”Who is standing outside the door?” “It must be Paul.”
4. There were few people in Taiwan then who knew anything about modern dance, and there were few studios or theaters to practice or perform in. (見第13行)
(1) few + 可數複數名詞:極少數的(少到幾乎沒有)……;沒有幾個……
little + 不可數名詞:極少數的(少到幾乎沒有)……;沒有多少……
例:Jeff has few friends in the class.
  There is little water left in the bottle.
a few 和 a little 相當於 some「一些」,
例:I may not have a lot of friends, but I do have a few good buddies.
  He poured a little water into the basin.
(2) studios or theaters to practice or perform in:不定詞片語”to practice or perform in”做形容詞用,修飾前面的名詞studios or theaters,in不可省略。
例:I have nothing to complain about.
5. No matter where they appeared, Lin’s dancers were greeted by enthusiastic audiences all over the island.(見第20行)
(1) be greeted by/with 受到……樣的歡迎,反應
greet sb./sth. with ... 以……態度迎接……;以……態度回應……
例:The transfer student was greeted by his teacher and classmates.
  The woman greeted her returning husband with kisses on both cheeks.
6. From these humble but promising beginnings, Lin built the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre into the most famous and influential performing group in Taiwan.(見第23行)
(1) build A into B 把 A建立成為B
例:The color of the stone turned into red.
  Please translate the sentence into Chinese.
7. What makes Cloud Gate so praiseworthy is Lin’s unique style of choreography, especially his great talent for fusing East and West.(見第35行)
(1) a talent for (doing) something ……的才能
例: She showed a talent for painting at an early age.
8. He uses modern dance and ballet movements, for example, but combines these with movements inspired by a wide range of Asian traditions: Chinese opera, tai-chi and chi-kong, Buddhist meditation, aboriginal ritual dances, the classical dances of Indonesia, India, Korea, and Japan, and also everyday motions that are familiar to Asian peoples, for example, the motions of people planting rice or burning incense.(見第38行)
(1) inspired為過去分詞,修飾movements,可以轉換為形容詞子句。
...movements inspired by a wide range of Asian traditions...
= ...movements which are inspired by a wide range of Asian traditions...
(2) a ... range of + N 一……系列的……;一……種類的……
a broad/wide range of 範圍很廣的…… a whole/full range of 一整個系列的……
例:Students benefit from the workshop because it covers a whole range of writing skills.
(3) 冒號之後的文字為受詞Asian traditions的同位語,地位與受詞相當,即列舉Asian traditions的範圍。
例:The company manufactures various accessories: hats, belts, bags, shoes and so on.
(4) 事物be familiar to 人
人be familiar with事物
例:Tropical plants are not familiar to me.
  I am not familiar with tropical plants.
(5) Asian peoples:亞洲民族
people 在此當「民族」,為可數名詞,複數形加”s”表示各個民族。
9. Lin himself has described his dances as “a mixture of many, many things.” (見第45行)
describe ... as ... 將……描述為……
例:They describe their homeroom teacher as an evil witch.
recognize ... as ... 把……公認為……
refer to ... as ... 把……稱為……
例:Jack is recognized as a super star.
  We used to refer to our math teacher as a wizard of numbers.
10. In one dance, for example, the back of the stage is covered with a giant lotus painting; in another, huge calligraphy scrolls hang from the ceiling; and in still another, rice grains are poured onto the stage in a continuous stream, resembling a sort of unusual but beautiful waterfall.(見第52行)
(1) hang from the ceiling 從天花板垂吊而下
fall from the tree 從樹上掉下來
fall from the ladder 從梯子上跌下來
fall from the stairs 從樓梯上掉下來
11. While images such as these reflect a traditional Chinese sensibility, other images focus on a more modern-day experience.(見第56行)
While/Whereas + S + V, S + V .... S + V, + while/whereas + S + V ....
例:She takes the bus to work, whereas I take the subway.
例: While we may disagree with each other sometimes, we are still good friends.
while 放句中連接附屬子句時,表示前後不同的對照,相當於中文的「……而……」。
例:I enjoy staying home on the weekend, while my husband prefers doing outdoor activities.
  He usually stays up late, while I always keep early hours.
while 做when、during the time that 或at the same time as,可以放句首或句中。
例:While I was doing the cooking in the kitchen, he was watching TV in the living room.
  I lived with my host family while I was studying in Vancouver.
12. The same is true of Lin Hwai-min’s themes---that is, the stories and ideas that he expresses in his dances.(見第61行)
(1) be true of ... 就……而言也是如此
例:Learning a language takes time. This is true of any second language learning.
(2) that is = that is to say 也就是說
例:Stephanie is optimistic---that is (to say), she always expects good things to happen.

4. enthusiastic about + N 對……熱衷的
an enthusiastic welcome 熱烈的歡迎
lose one’s enthusiasm 失去熱忱

5. promising adj. 有希望的
a promising young artist 前途光明的年輕藝術家

6. be influential in + V-ing 對……有重大的影響
influence on/over + N 對……有影響力
under the influence of ... 受到……的影響
strongly/heavily influence sb./sth. 深深地影響某人/某事

8. suburban adj. 郊區的
urban adj. 都市的
suburban life 【貶】單調乏味的郊區生活

12. fuse v. [T, I] 融合;熔接在一起;熔合;結合
fuse together 結合在一起
blow a fuse 燒斷保險絲
the fusion of East and West 東西方融合

13. evident adj. 明顯的;明白的
hard/good/solid/strong/clear evidence 確切的/有效的/確實的/強而有力的/清楚的證據
lack of evidence 缺乏證據

15. combine v. [T, I] 合併;結合
A combine with B A與B結合起來
combine A with/and B 結合A與B
in combination with 與……結合
例:The child’s eyes were wide with curiosity and innocence combined.
  Bad weather combined with delayed flights ruined my trip.
  According to critics, the artist’s paintings combine imagination and/with passion.
  Do not take medicine in combination with soda or alcohol.

16. deep in meditation 沈思中
lost in meditation 陷入沈思
practice meditation 打坐
meditate on + N 沈思某事
例:Mr. Berger looked at the picture in meditative silence.
  Jeff sat alone in his room, deep in meditation.
  She was completely lost in meditation.
  She has been meditating on life and death for hours.

17. aboriginal adj. 原住民的;土著的;本土原有的; n. [C] 土著;原住民
aboriginal settlement 原住民區
aboriginal inhabitants 本土的原始居民

18. a ritual dance 祭典舞
morning/ nightly ritual 早晨起床後/ 晚上睡前的慣例
go through a ritual 執行慣例
perform a ritual 執行慣例

20. a striking performance 精彩的表演
strikingly beautiful 非常美麗

make sense 有道理;講得通
out of one’s senses 精神失常;瘋了
a sixth sense 第六感

25. infuse v. [T] 灌輸;注入;使充滿
infuse A with B 使A充滿B
infuse sth. into ... 將某物注入……
be infused with 充滿
an infusion of cash/money 投入現金/金錢
例:The peace talks infused the two countries with hope.
  The newborn baby infused joy and excitement into the family.
  Her poems are infused with patriotism.
  The only way to save the company is with the infusion of a big sum of money.

3. (it is) no wonder (that) ... 難怪……
it is small/little wonder that ... 難怪……
in wonder 驚嘆地
例:It is small wonder Monica is angry; she heard you say those mean things about her.
  Never having seen such a magnificent sight before, Dave gazed at the canyon in wonder.

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