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Inspiration from J. K. Rowling

Dear all,

You must get some inspiration from the article about J. K. Rowling. Here is your turn to write something about a book or an author that impresses you most. Since we do not have time to speak it out, please put your thought in the opinion section.

The following questions may help do the task.

1. An introduction to the author:
Who is the author? Why is she/he famous for? What kinds of series (e.g. fantasy) does she/he write?

2. The brief summary of the story or the novel:
What is the story/novel about? Which part is the most fantastic?

3. The part that impresses you most:
Why do you think the book or the author successful? What do you learn from it?

You may take a look at the website
http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/bookrev/read.htmand see how to write a good book review.

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I decided to postpone this assignment right after the midterm exam. I've mentioned it in class!

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Sorry~I actually did remember it.
But not very sure, so I wanted to double check.(just in case><)
Thanks anyway!^

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1.(1)Jane Austen (2)Becuse she wrote story ideas from dialy life things and she the style of writing is relex and humor.
(3)The classic a famous book series.
2.(1)The story about the man and the woman towards love ideas. First, they didn't like each other.
Second, they try to get along each other for a spen.
At last, they become a lover. They even married. (2)when they became lover, they start to chaning their ideas of impressions at first time.
3.(1)Because the story wrote a lot of reasons about love. (2)Get along with others well.

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This essay should be a paragraph. The questions just help you think and easy to form a composition. Besides, you need to write it around 100 words. So, Lina, your paper is not qualified. Redo it.

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J.K Rowling is famous for Horry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
It is about one people is a sorcerer. When he was young his parents have died in a car crash, and he is being brought up by his uncle and aunt. Everybody think he is a freak but he is a magician. On his eleventh birthday, he receives a mysterious letter from a certain Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry tell him that he is chosen as one of the future students of that supposedly renowned school. Horry potter decided to go to school. He knows some friends. For example he become with Ron Wesley and Hermione Granger. The three of them accidentally find out that the potions master and they found some doubtful point. Severus Snap is pivot. Horry potter Ron Wesley and Hermione Granger together look for answer.

J.K Rowling is work hard. She likes write novel. She never gives up and follows her dream.

I’m learning about never give up doing difficult events.

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Finish reading lesson three, J.K. Rowing is a very good author. Therefore, I want to introduce to a good author who is like J.K. Rowing. The author is Jane Austen.
She is Britain’s well-known writer. Her novel has reflected her life, and it is about middle class at small villages. She writes many books. One of her books called Pride & Prejudice. A lot of famous writer and host are very support this book.
The novel to think what a title or it should imply is very Pride & Prejudice. All of the roles are very pride in this book, including hero and heroine. The hero and heroine meet together is in a party. The hero called Darcy. The heroine called Lichee. Lichee was not like Darcy at first. Finally, Darcy proclamation I love you, Lichee nod. They are not unhappy in all of couple. The best unhappy is Lichee’s sister who called Chean. A lot has obstructed the lover. Moreover, the other side’s sister lies. The family has five sisters. I feel Lichee is best happy.
The author’s life is not bed of roses. The book, Pride & Prejudice, was finished in 1796, but the trade of publishing refused it. After correct, the book was published in 1813. The author lasted 17 years. She never gives up the book’s matter. The book’s matter is not reflected her setback out. It is just very realistically. Everyone will have Pride & Prejudice. Maybe, it is not we know. However, we can try less and less. In fact, the never give up is not difficult to everyone.

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This book is easy to know and also meaningful.
And this is my birthday present from my teacher when I was 7 years old.
This book called “I Like You”
In fact, I don't like that have too much diction .
This book let me memories the pure and innocent.
The picture is simple and the story take no offence at a child's babble.
We don't have pressure and we don't have to do anything.
The life was happiness.
Some book can touch your heart or make you laugh or even make you crazy.
And this book is quite lovely for me and let me know that it is easy to say “I like you”

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I want to introduce “Tuesdays with Morrie” .This book’s author is
Mitch Albom. He has written some famous book, like “the five people you
Meet in heaven” and “for one more day”. Although I read them one half, I
Felt them were moved deeply.
The book “Tuesdays with Morrie” is talking about life’s meaning. The
Author met his former teacher, but his teacher was very sick and will be dead
He decided to teach the author about life’s meaning.
The book is very successful, because it is real and very touching. The
Book let me know I must made a serious to treat my life and never give up.

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This book called “Charlotte's Web ”.
It’s a book talk about a pig and a spider.
A girl named Fern. She raises a very thin and small young pig.
Its called Wilbur. Fern takes good care of Wilbur.
But Wilbur sells to Fern’s uncle. One day, Wilbur thinks very bored, because animals don’t play with him.
Next morning, its see a spider called Cavatica.
Quickly, they have become friends. It happen many things between them.
But they save together. I think this story is vivid.
And let everyone feel the friendship is important,
If isn’t Cavatica’s help, Wilbur is possibly died.
I learn from this story that different kinds of animals will help others.
Especially, who spent the life and death experience's friends.
If I have a friend like Cavatica,I will value well.

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J.K.Rowlling is a successful author. I read a book in summer vacation.
This book called Pride&Prejudice. The author is famous for the book and the author called Jane Austen. She wrote a lot of story. She wrote story ideas from daily life things and she the style of writing is relax and humor. This story is her representative word. Jane Austen obverses, research, and create in narrow and small place. The story talks about the man and the woman to love ideas.
For example, first, although they face to face talk, they don’t like each other in their minds. Perhaps, their individuality is very arrogant. Second, they try to close with each other. They have getting to opposite impression. In this period of time, they undergo many matters’s test. Eventually, they become lover. At last, their sentiment more and more thick. But they also pass through many obstacles in the way. And they also are getting stronger and stronger. Finally, they marred and the story also finished.
After I read over this story, my feeling that we should be the chance knows myself for others. At first time with others speech must be friendly. Although just start you hate opposite, also don’t display too obvious. Later will become own friend possibly.

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“Memories of summer” is my favorite book so I want to introduce this book.
The writer is Ruth White and she is an America famous literary author of teenager. She is good at depicting teenager' mentality so I think this is why her book is popular.
Lyric Compton and Summer are sisters and their mother was died when they are very younger. Summer always takes care of Lyric Compton. When the two sisters and their father moved to another city but Summer' disease is very serious.
Summer is sicks from Schizophrenia.
After, Lyric Compton is never sees her beautiful and gentle sister.
Lyric Compton is says: I miss the two summers, one is blow many Daisy /Daylily/Rose and the other is my sister......
I learn from Lyric Compton very much. She is a thirteen years old girl but she is takes care of Summer every day and bears other students laugh at her sister.
I deep realize “we must have a kind heart to deal with different from us people.

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I wand to introduce the book “Don’t Eat Marshmallow---Yet”.
This book was written by Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer.
I read the book when I was a junior high school student.
When I first time saw the book, I didn’t understand that what’s the title mean? After I finished the book, I understood
What the book talking about. It’s talk about “The detention leads a life of comfort”. There is the experiment of Stanfor College.
they let some children stay in the room along and give them one marshmallow. Let them chose eating the marshmallow now or waiting for 15 minute.
If they eat the marshmallow 15 minute later, they will get more one
marshmallow. The research discover that some children could wait for 15
minute all successful then some children ate the marshmallow on the moment. I very agree this theory. I like this book very much. It taught me a lot of things. If I want to succeed, I have to extended plan.
I can’t covet at present benefit.

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I am going to introduce a writer his name is Wu Tsu Yun and his pen name is Hiyawn. His novel is popular with young people. He is famous for his many love stories.
I discuss one of his books`, it calls “The Love Story in Mao Kong”, the story narrates a girl sent a wrong message to the writer and they knew each other. Gradually, they fall in love with each other, but the girl has a boyfriend already. The girl determines to lift him. The writer feels so sad and never forgot this section of emotions.
After I read over the book, I thought some of things were not allowed, the love was, too. Just like the girl said “The love is not easy to be proved”. The writer is very pitiful.

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The book called “The Missing Piece .”I got this book from my teacher when I graduated from elementary school. She is my favorite teacher. I like her very much, because she is good to me. I have learned something from this book.

It is a circle which missing one piece. It was very unhappy, because it thought it is incomplete. It decided to find that piece. It met many interesting things and made a lot of friends on its way. One day, it found that piece and become an integrated circle. It begins to roll and it can’t stop. It felt unhappy, because it missed everything. Finally, it decided to throw out that piece.

Everybody wants to get more things. When we are looking for something, we forget that anything we had before. We need to be happy every time. The teacher
told me“ No matter where you are, you will get more things. ”

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I want to introduce “The Elephant Man”. This book was written by Tim Vicary.
This book was my teacher made me to read. This book was very special. I think writer has a lot of think.
He is not beautiful. His mother does not want him. People laugh at him, and call him ‘The Elephant Man’.
Then someone speaks to him and listens to him! At the age of 27, Joseph Merrick finds a friend for the first time in his life.
This is a true and tragic story. It is also a famous film.
I feel this ‘Elephant Man’ was very pitiful. This novel feels me sad, because this eccentric person is very ugly.

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I am going to talk about a book called “Tuesdays with Morrie.” It’s my favorite book. I have read it four times.
The writer of this book is Mitch Albom, who was a sports column writer. He writes some famous books like “For One More Day “,”The Five People You Meet in Heaven” and “Duck Hunter Shoots Angel”.
This book is talking about a professor who faces his death bravely. Mitch Albom was his student, but didn’t keep in touch with his teacher—Morrie. One day he knew a terrible disease hit Morrie. He stared to see Morrie every Tuesday till Morrie die. They talked a lot like family, marriage, forgiveness… In this few days; Mitch Albom had changed his life. He found something he never knew and he wrote this book to tell other people what he learned.
This book touches me very much. Maybe there is someone fights with his/her disease when I do something no meaningful.
I feel that I should to try my best on every thing, so that I won’t leave any sorrow.

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I introduction a book-The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. He wrote series of Narnia. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is second. The series is about Narnia’s magical story. The second book is about four children-Lucy, Peter, Susan and Edmond unexpectedly found the wardrobe inside has other world-Narnia. When they entered the world was snowing with forest. The time was difficult. The write witch let Narnia kingdom with snowing every year. The world needs them help. They help animals and go to war with write witch.
I knew the book from the movie. I like war’s part because they show up their courage and never give up spirit. Although they are children, they don’t feel afraid. When you have same difficult, you should never give up. I feel the author’s imagination is aplenty so it is popular with everyone.

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By the River Piedra I sat down and wept by Paulo Coelho
The author is Paulo Coelho he is very famous in South America.
His book always hit the store. His book always impresses me.
His book is very philosophy I have read many times to understand it.
This writer wants to tell us about love. Love is filled with risks. However, refused to love is the biggest pity in life. Religion and love are important things in people’s life and how to choose is another question. I think there are many choices in my life. I will follow my dream and do something I enjoy.

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Mr.腳丫 提到...

Today, I would like to talk about the book called Supermen’s photo stickers. It was written by a man who has a special pan name called Martian Grandfather. The book includes fifteen sort stories and they are all interesting and meaningful. There are fifteen supermen in the book, and most of them have no magic, only few ones are unusual. They can’t save the world but they can make people happy.

I think “Cardman” which is one of the stories is the best of all. The leading character works as a mailman and he have to send lots of mails, letters, cards, and so on to receivers. Buying ten cards every week is a habit with him. He wrote some sentence in the cards encouraging people who felt low. Certainly, he never told them that he was the sender. One day, the clerk of the stationery store, who is a pretty girl, asked him why he bought ten cards every week. He told her the reason and she took a card from her bag. “Did you send these cards?” said her. They fell in love and he still sends the happiness every day. It’s Cardman’s story.

This book is full of warm things. It tells us everyone can make others feel happy and close if you want to do it. Nowadays, people in the society are cold and detached to any one. It’s not good for us. I think we have to improve it and do something meaningful to the person who needs our help.

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I want to introduce the book which name is ‘’HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL’’.
This book was written by N. B. Grace.
Troy and Gabriella both like sing .And them audition together .But there friend think Troy need to play basketball .And Gabriella need to join math contest. At final they have a wonderful presentation .Also Troy won the basketball champion .
And Gabriella won the math contest champion too .
This book let know if you have dream just go .And do your best let your dream come true!

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I want to introduce Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer’s book, “Don’t Eat the Marshmallow…Yet!” This book was sent me by classmate’s parents. I read it classmate’s parents sent, when I was a junior high school student.
This book was written by Joachim de Posada and Ellen Singer. Joachim de Posada is a speaker, author, trainer and consultant. He has many different statuses. He had written a best-selling book, “How to Survive Among Piranhas: Motivation to Succeed”. Ellen Singer had writing experience more than twenty years.
This book is about people don’t eat the marshmallow at the beginning. Wait for the true timing, and it can eat more marshmallow than before. It mean Business first and pleasure after.
I learn how to achieve success, knowing I have to do something to make me better and better in the future.

Momo 提到...

“Fable about Following Your Dream” is a popular book. This book was written by
Paul Coelho. The story is about the boy seeks his dream. If you want to do something well, you will try your best to do it. Don’t care about anything, just do it best.
Imperceptibly, the universe can help you change your problems. We need to learn about “DO”, not learning about “WORRY.” We should be calm down when we had to make choices. You have to believe what you want. I never thought that I will be shocked by the book. I hope everyone don’t forget your original dream.

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Today I want to introduce my favorite novel“Les Miserables”. This book is French literary giant Victor Hugo writes. He was France the romanticism is leading in the 19th century. He except is the writer, in politics is also the French Revolution time popular character. He is Paris poverty-stricken populace's spokesmen, he is the great humanist. If you want to understand Les Miserables, you must to search on his historical background. That is the age which the Industrial Revolution starts to emerge. Because changes too rapidly, grows many social questions. Victor Hugo thinks only then reforms can avoid the poverty-stricken people's misery. The Les Miserables was recounting a piece of law persecutes the people the story. I like Victor Hugo to the social reform ideal. Therefore I recommend this novel.

小p 提到...

After I read the Harry Potter, I want to share the other novel.
It named The Memory keeper’s Daughter. This story’s author is Kim Edwards.
The Memory keeper’s Daughter is the first novel which she publishes.
She has many awards in US, and she is great author.

The story is about Dr.David’s wife Norah gave birth to twins.
But their daughter had Down’s syndrome, so David then used the lie to deceive their daughter infant to die. It caused Norah different change that she start drinking,
Illegal love affair, at pursue enterprise success to escape this true.
In fact, the girl didn’t die; the nurse Caroline carried the baby leave. Two families have two kind of different lives. David made a big mistake that pick off his daughter.
This mistake caused many human of damage, like his wife didn’t love him; his son felt no people understand him and made himself fall into the pain.
His daughter had very happy life. Although she had Down’s syndrome, she was always strong.

This story let me have many bitter, sad and angry. Why do people want to do induced abortion? A little life was killed by them. When I saw this novel, I was crying.
It touches my heart. Maybe one day, I may even more understand this book.

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Kelly Chou 提到...
Kelly Chou 提到...

I want to introduce the series of novel “The Secret of Grave Robbers”. The author is Lei Has and his pen name is Nan P’ai San Shu. His books are about graves, but l like “The Secret of Grave Robbers” very much. The novels aren’t Chinese classical literature, but are general. They are about an innocent man who name is Hsieh Wu. His family is robber and He is also interest in antiques, so he goes to ancient graves to explore with his uncle and other people. His uncle wants to resolve enigmas for twenty years ago. Other man who is called Ch’I Ling Chang is also looking for the truth and his lost memories. The funny excited courses make me continue to read them. When I finish reading one of series of the novels, I can’t endure to say that where is the continuation of the book? Finally, I just said,” If the hole is dug deeply, you can’t climb, San Shu”

Lei Has : 徐磊
Nan P’ai San Shu : 南派三叔
Hsieh Wu : 吳邪
Ch’I Ling Chang : 張起靈
The Secret of Grave Robbers : 盜墓筆記

Iris 提到...

I want to introduce a book it’s called “we regretted missing the time that we fell in love”. It’s written by Orange who is a romance writer. I like her style of book because it’s filled of vogue and dispassion. Orange abandons common romance fortunate final outcome. She takes a view of lovers carefully and changes it by script.

After I read over the book, I thought at the moment to hold is very important. Like this book girl says ‘some people are suit to be lover some people are not”. I think its very denotation.

Sherry 提到...

The writer whom I will introduce is Clements Andrew today. He is a selling well writer of enjoys great popularity in U.S.A.. The most famous book is his first novel“Friend”. His works are the best example of the campus story. Sell millions of volumes in U.S.A., get awards several dozen times. It’s translated into a dozen countries languages too.
I want to introduce a book one of his works“The Report Card”. This story is writing about a girl who called Nora. School report of term takes one C, other are D. In fact, nobody knows she is a talent. She takes D purposely. She doesn’t mind, because she can’t stand to weigh a person with the grade and achievement. Her good friend Stephen is a reason too.
The series works describe children’s ideas, dialogue of teachers and students and final result moved people, etc. It’s very worth our probing into and reading.

Irene 提到...

1. I think my favorite book is Beethoven Life History because I like him very much. He is my idol. I kike he does not surrender to cruel destiny, makes great efforts to live out in exciting life instead. His music let me know classical music’s vibration is. Beethoven’s childhood didn’t happy. His first concert at him was eight years. I am very admired him. I think when I was an eight-year-old girl maybe I had gone out with my friends. But Good times don't last long he bit by bit hard of hearing when he published Symphony No.1 in C. After Beethoven published Symphony No.3 in E flat his music life had better and better. Beethoven’s music style had changing all the time. Beethoven had saying “Be a honest person”, let love free the most important than everything. I can’t understand this word’s real meaning but I will have understanding some day. I love Symphony No.5 in c min very much because this symphony show Beethoven confronted destiny’s determination and ingenious personification for destiny. Beethoven’s life vibrates me a lot. He is a great musician. I hope I can as him to resist any difficulties and become a successful person.

Tako 提到...

The book which I want to introduce is "Gabai Granny".It says--A boy who calls Jiaokuang has to live with his grandma because his single mother has no capability to bring up him.Before he comes there,he feels worried and scare.But after that,he becomes clear.Because he has a super grandma!His grandma is always happy and do not worried about everything!Jiaokuang's homework is not very good,but he plays baseball well.So he becomes the baseball team of leader.His grandma is so proud of him.The story tells us,no matter how we are poor,we still can live happliy!

匿名 提到...

佐賀的超級阿嬤 is my favorite book. this book says a boy live with his grandma because his mother must to work at first, he feels no good. But after some days, he slowly realize the funny with his grandma. Every time when he wants to learn something new, but his grandma always say no because they have no money. But because that he chose a sport and doesn't pay money--running. Running let him great at running, and become a baseball player. I like this book because I have a great grandma, too. She always tells me something important from the little thing. So, my grandma is my Supper Grandma.

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佐賀的超級阿嬤 is my favorite book. this book says a boy live with his grandma because his mother must to work at first, he feels no good. But after some days, he slowly realize the funny with his grandma. Every time when he wants to learn something new, but his grandma always say no because they have no money. But because that he chose a sport and doesn't pay money--running. Running let him great at running, and become a baseball player. I like this book because I have a great grandma, too. She always tell me something important from the little thing. So, my grandma is my Supper Grandma.

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The book is called ‘the Ants and the Grasshopper’. It’s talk about a grasshopper and some ants. In the winter, a grasshopper was very hungry,’ I am very hungry. Won't you lend me a little food?’ said the grasshopper. ‘Why did you not gather any food during the summer?’, ‘I was singing all day and night during the summer. And so I had no time to gather any food. Please lend me some food’. ‘You only played and did not work during the summer. We'll never lend you any food’, said the ant. This story tells me that we must to hard working as the ants. Just like study, if we study hard before tests, we’ll have well in tests.

*Annie 提到...

I want to introduce the book which name is Accident Sign.
The author is a Japanese, Huei Du Sen.
He wrote many books and he is a famous writer in Japan.
The book is telling about the man was an evil person.
He killed many people. And then, the police officer captured and locks up until he died.
However, he lives again because the God give him a new body. He became soul and run into the body.
Starting new life is difficult because the master of the body is a student and the student meet a lot of things.
The things are too hard to resolve, so the master of the body decide to suicide and the God give the evil person this body.
And then the God appoint angel to help the evil person resolve the master of the body of thins.
I learn form the book that there is not anything to resolve, so we cannot end our life easy.

alice 提到...

I want to introduce the book "Draws a circle girl." The writer is Yi Zong Chun. He is write the Motivational novel, because ha is a Psychologist. This book "Draws a circle girl" is talk about a girl in junior high school. Girl is not happy since her mother died, she is constantly bullied at school. Afterward has the melancholia. However after doctor's treatment, the girl goes out sad. Also become like before equally open and bright. This book let me know that what helps the people who are not happy.

Claire 提到...

J.K Rowling, she write Horry potter.
She is not rich before. She work as teacher, she doesn’t have class in the morning so she always use this free time to write novel. She really likes to write novel. Afterwards she married also have one daughter but her marriage is not happy so she divorce then bring her daughter go to 123456. She becomes a single mother. Although she needs to raises her daughter she never gives up write novel. Every morning she goes to coffee shop eat breakfast and write novel when she finishes her book she try to find publishing house but doesn’t have any publishing house help her. She never gives up, from door to door. Finally the last find a publishing house can help J.K Rowling to publish. This book called Horry potter.
Now J.K Rowling is successful. “Never give up” is why she success. That teach me a lot, don’t give up and work hard success is belong you, but if you never work hard, success don’t belong you forever.

匿名 提到...

I didn't read any English novel.SoI can't introduce any English novel.I could introduce Horry Potter.
The J.K Rowling was famous writer.Her name all over the world.She is a single mother.She likes to write.I think that she is very good.She says "Three Steps to Success".1DO something that you enjoy.2Follow your dream.3Never give up.She only one daughter Jessica.She finishes Horry Potter series in 2008.I like she that was determined.
Thank you reading.

Lucy Wang* 提到...

Hello everyone!Today I want to introduce one my favorite novels “Waiting for a person coffee”.The author is a famous people who in the novel. His name is Giddens. He started writing on the Internet in 2000. Since he wrote the novel “Kung fu”, he became remember the name, and his series were all focused attention fully! No matter his black comedy、absurdity、love、hot-blooded、mystery were get many support from readers! He hopes he can become Chinese world to write the most spacious novelist in range. "Speak out meeting the dream for sneering at; just have the value of fulfillment. Even if fell down, the posture wills also be very heroic."He always say that!!The story “Waiting for a person coffee” it’s categorized in the romantic novel. The Content is about the bosom embraces girl whom the pink imagines. The ordinary person is in the life of aggressive and curious. There are many roles in the book,each roles have a common distinguishing feature” they are all sincere good persons.”Use a heart of earnestness simplicity to making friends. The male leading role in the book is a red-blooded and love makes friends, but his girlfriend is been homosexual by the female to make track to walk. The personality is simple and honest and silent, maybe of this, he attracts many people to become a friend. Leading lady all likes senior to the quick is over since story. But when the senior turns over to pursue, the leading lady on the contrary and imperceptibly waits for male leading role. The cafe shop is the place that the male leading and lady leading role known each other, the leading lady finally waits for male leading role in the café shop. The be over of story, the beginning of love.The story impresses me most is the author’s write skill, simply and easily understand.The lady leading role start noticing nearby a personnel thing, since known the male leading role, and laughed heartily then satisfy from it. Unlike all day just only want to promote appearance to satisfy oneself. They are live for happiness! This kind of person of one self’s ideal has been few now. All answers is before the problem become, anything all like that! It has already clearly engraved in everyone's brain, include love! Probably the story can never start, because there is no one personal ability's beginning in thing, realize that the occurrence is in everything of one self’s body. Particularly love! A cup of coffee represents a position, or says it's a hope.A lot of things can't anticipate, particularly love, it's real! Love always silently spreads, when you notice, it’s already don't come back of time. I think I should hold at hat moment, don't let chance from nearby elapse!!

Anna 提到...

I want to introduce a book is called "Who Moved My Cheese”. The author is Spencer Johnson. He is an international bestseller writer, and he is also a doctor. He writes of the book helped thousands persons in the world, let people find the simple truth in lives, and let us enjoy a healthy life.
Two mice named “Sniff"and “Scurry", and two littlepeople names “Hem"and “Haw"are leading roles in the book. One day, they find that they depend cream cheese is missing. Face this kind of fact, how should they do? Stays hear or go out to look for new cream cheese? Two kinds of different beginnings develop entirely different of experience and life. A lot of people fear to change, because they think change will even worse, so not try. “Hem"and “Haw" also not try to find new cream cheese. I think we should learn “Sniff"and “Scurry" to change thing, the thing will not imagine of so what a mess, be like when “Sniff"and “Scurry" is demoralized say: “If you don't change yourself, you will be eliminated!".
Finishes reading this book and lets I feel everything need to be challenged and need to have confidence. Do not afraid to change, if you want to be successful, you have to change yourself.

江玲 提到...

I want to introduce a writer called Jane Austen. She is the one who write Pride & Prejudice. Sense and Sensibility is also one of her book witch have been popular between two century. She writes since she was little. She usually writes customs and social life in England. I like Pride & Prejudice the most all of her books. It is a humorous story of love and life among English gentility. The story tells us that we can’t judge a person one the out side. We have to get along with a person a long time to see through his or her heart.

Jackie 提到...

Hans Christian Andersen is a famous writer who was born in a Kingdom of Denmark. He was famous for his fairy tales. The Ugly Duckling is the book I want to introduce to you all.
The book is about a duckling. He was very ugly when he was small. Everyone teased and laughed at him in his childhood. But when he grew up, he turned into a beautiful swan. And nobody laughed at him anymore. I think the most fantastic part is: when he became beautiful, he was confidence in himself. And I think Andersen is a successful writer, because his stories string along with many children all over the world. The book tells me “your face will change when you grow up, so don’t be too upset when you think you are ugly when you are still young. ”

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I would like to introduce a writter named J.K Rowling. She is famous for a series of Harry Potter's books.
She was a single mother who lived in a small and old apartment.she got little money for surviving but she never quitted writing.After the first book of Harry Potter was pubulished in all over the world and she made a lot of money,she was not satisfied with the success and she continued writing.She has completed seven books and all of them are become movies.These make her more famous at the all ages on earth.A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.
10603 伊帝

Chris 提到...

Dear Edd,
You give a great piece of writing. However, I am wondering why you are late and whether you read Rowling's books. Since the topic assigned is about a book that influences you most, it shows that your focus is distracted from the topic.

嘉文 提到...

I'm winnie.
I have to comment on Lina's article.
And her article give the essentials in simple and that everyone know the story clearly. Also in her story let me figure out the truth “communicate with each other is quite important for everyone and communicate is very useful when something wrong or something bad”
So, I think her article is successful!

周昱昇 提到...

I want to introduce J.K Rowling. She writer a book was Harry Potter. She is a single mother, but she never give up. Just started she was a little poor. However she keeps wrote follow the dream. She writers a famous book and popular. The story is fill of interesting and Surprised.
So expressions she successful. And the book Harry Potter became movies.
And the book has than thirty languages. She is really very successful.