2009年6月11日 星期四

Key to L11 Vocabulary Testing Sheet (生字解答)

一、文意字彙 共出30題
1. charming Charles is a nice guy, but I don't think he is my prince c_______g.
解析: prince charming 白馬王子
2. recognize Jim almost didn't r_______e Alison, who had lost a few pounds, put on makeup and had a perm.
3. managed He was poor, but m_______ed to work his way through college.
解析: work one's way through college 半工半讀唸完大學
4. ruined The careless server splashed water on me and r_______ned my suit.
5. mouthful At table, you should chew each m_______l fully before taking the next bite.
6. horribly Though she was injured h_______ly in the accident, she made a full recovery.
解析: injured 受傷的
7. weight There was a slight decrease in his w_______t after a week of dieting.
8. earn He'd like to buy his own house, but he doesn't e_______n enough money.
9. panic Someone said the building was on fire, and everyone ran out in a p_______c.
10. revenge Evan took his r_______e on those who used to laugh at him when he was a kid.
解析: take revenge on sb. 對某人報復  used to + V 過去曾經……
11. digestion He always likes to sit for a while after a meal to allow time for proper d_______n to take place.
12. chat He dropped in and had a c_______t with me
13. literature We learned a lot about Shakespeare in our English l_______e class.
14. sank All the crew members were rescued before the ship finally s_______k.
15. weighed The baby was in perfect health and w_______hed 3.8 kilograms at birth.
16. mean I don't know why she was so m_______n to you; maybe she's in a bad mood.
17. humorist A h_______t is a writer who specializes in writing amusing things.
18. sunk The rescuers believed that the ship had already s_______k to the bottom of the sea.
解析: rescuer 救難人員  bottom 底部
19. horrible The little boy lost his sight in a h_______e accident.
20. penny I went on a trip with my aunt and uncle, and it didn't cost me a p_______y.
21. manage "Do you need any help with those heavy bags?" "No, thanks, I can m_______e."
解析: put on makeup 化妝  perm 燙髮
22. conversation I just had a bizarre c_______n with a stranger on the phone: he said he was my secret admirer.
解析: bizarre 詭異的  secret admirer 神祕仰慕者
23. pleased My parents are very p_______d with my good grades.
24. overload Don't o_______d the washing machine, or it won't work properly.
25. earns Brazil e_______ns many millions of dollars a year from coffee exports.
26. afford I can't a_______d to lose a considerate friend like you!
27. barely Please speak louder. I can b_______ly hear you on the phone.
解析: louder 大聲一點
28. giant Landing on the moon was a g_______t step for mankind.
解析: mankind 人類
29. reassured The government r_______ed people that the disease was under control.
解析: under control 在控制之中
30. unless Don't put personal information on the Internet u_______s it is necessary.
解析: personal 個人的

二、詞類變化 共出10題
31. extreme The palace is magnificent in the _______ (extremely).
32. humor I was just kidding! Don't you have a sense of _______ (humorist)?
解析: kid 開玩笑  a sense of humor 幽默感
33. talkative I have never met anyone more _______ (talk) person than Mike.
34. recognition Some schools are striving for official _______ (recognize) by the Ministry of Education.
35. reassure Little Doris was so afraid of the dark that her father had to _______ (assure) her that he would stay by her side.
解析: by one's side 在某人身邊
36. revenged Sandra _______ (revenge) herself on her ex-husband by persuading his new girlfriend to leave him for another man.
解析: revenge oneself on ... 報復……  persuade 說服
37. management Under his efficient _______ (manage) the school attained great prosperity.
38. horror I cried out in _______ (horribly) when I saw him fall in front of the car.
39. earnings Average _______ (earn) for skilled workers are rising.
40. pleasing We have made _______ (please) progress in our talks.

三、翻譯 共出20題,每題0分,共0分
41. 既然他已失去了一切,現在他什麼也不在乎了。
Now that he has lost everything, he is (p)_______ _______ now.
ANS: past, caring

42.在彼德 (Peter) 到達火車站之前,那班火車就已經開走了。_______________________________________________________________________
ANS: The train had left before Peter arrived at the station.

43. 除非你降價,不然我不會買它。
I'm not going to buy it _______ you lower the _______.
ANS: unless, price

44. 下課時,我們仍繼續寫報告。
We _______ _______ _______ our reports even during the class break.
ANS: went, on, with

45. 人類終於登上月球。
_______ _______, man has reached the moon.
ANS: At, last

46. 我必須從飲食中戒除冰淇淋和巧克力。
I must _______ _______ ice cream and chocolate from my diet.
ANS: cut, out

47. 她一大口一大口地吃得很快。
She ate the cake quickly in _______ _______.
ANS: large, mouthfuls

48. 除了凱文 (Kevin) 以外,我班上所有的學生都要去參加夏令營。
ANS: All of the students in my class will go to the summer camp except Kevin.

49. 這一個我也要。
I'll take this _______ _______.
ANS: as well

50. 經過多年的實驗,這些科學家終於有了豐碩的收穫。
After years' of experiment, _______ _______ the scientists had a fruitful harvest.
ANS: at, last

51. 他曾說他想同我們一起去,但他太懶惰以致於不能早上這麼早起。
He said he wanted to go with us, but he was ______ _______ to get up so early in the morning.
ANS: too, lazy

52. 服務生捧著一籃碩大的桃子經過。
The waiter came _______ _______ a basket of huge _______.
53. 珍妮佛對戶外活動不感興趣,她男朋友也是。
Jennifer is not interested in outdoor activities, __________ __________ __________ her boyfriend.
ANS: and, neither, is

54. 除非你確定芭芭拉在家,否則去之前最好先打電話給她。
__________ you are sure Barbara is __________ __________, you'd better __________ her before you go there.
ANS: Unless, at, home, call

55. 我從十五歲起就是艾薇兒 (Avril Lavigne) 的歌迷,瑪姬 (Maggie) 也是。
ANS: I have been a fan of Avril Lavigne since I was fifteen, and so has Maggie.

56. 這家超市只提供最佳品質的當令水果。
The supermarket provides only the highest quality fruits _______ _______.
ANS: in, season

57. 我不認為婚前同居是好的(有價值的)。
I don't _______ _______ living together before marriage.
ANS: believe, in

58. 在比賽開始前,球員彼此握手。
The players _______ _______ with one another before the game started.
ANS: shook, hands

59. 醫生建議我父親停止吃油膩的食物。
The doctor suggested that my father _______ _______ fatty foods.
ANS: cut, out

60. 那場表演很棒,因此結束時每個人都站起來鼓掌長達五分鐘。
The show was __________ good __________ everybody __________ __________ and clapped for five minutes when it ended.
ANS: so, that, stood, up