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L9 Robert Frost and His Poems

1. Robert Frost (1874-1963) is probably the best-known American poet of the twentieth century.(見第1行)

(1) well-known = famous
better-known = more famous
best-known = most famous
be famous/well-known for something因(某成就)有名
be famous/well-known as somebody/something 因(某職稱、身份)有名
be famous/well-known to somebody 為(某人)所知
例:She is famous for her talents as a painter.
Taiwan is well-known as a beautiful island.
The pop singer is well-known to teenagers.

2. For nearly half a century he was the unofficial poet laureate of America, and his poems have been widely read around the world.(見第7行)
(1) widely adv. 廣泛地
例:Chopsticks are widely used in Asian countries.

3. ..., he used to sit in his mother's classroom and memorize long passages of prose and poetry, and thus grew to love language and literature.(見第17行)
(1) used to V 過去一向,過去習慣於
例:There used to be several pubs on the street, but they closed down one after another.
(2) thus = in this way
(3) grew to love language and literature
= came to love language and literature gradually
grow v.逐漸變得

4. ..., but it was not until his stay in England from 1912 to 1915 that he gained public recognition as a poet.(見第19行)
(1) stay n. 短暫的停留,暫時居住
例:I hope you will enjoy your stay in our hotel.
(2) gained public recognition獲得公認

5. The walks that he took on his farm allowed him to observe the details of nature and the rural landscape:....(見第22行)
(1)take a walk = go for a walk 散步
例:It's enjoyable to take a walk on a quiet country lane.

6. The rural environment that Frost knew and loved also included a strong human presence.(見第27行)S V
(1) included a strong human presence 蘊含強烈的人文氣息

7. In fact, it is his awareness of man's relationship with nature that brings us some of Frost's most memorable images-images that not only move us with their serene beauty, but also inspire us by addressing universal questions of life.(見第28行)
(1) It is ... that/who .... 分裂句(強調his awareness of man's relationship with nature)
例:It was Edward who gave her a bunch of flowers.(強調送花的人Edward)
  It was a bunch of flowers that Edward gave her.(強調送的東西是一束花)
例:It is the Simpsons who are going to Hawaii on vacation.
(2) memorable = unforgettable 難忘的
(3) move us with their serene beauty以寧謐之美打動我們
move v. [T] 感動;打動
例:This story has moved many people.
(4) addressing universal questions of life探討舉世皆然的人生問題
address = deal with

8. ...; his decision about which way to go becomes a metaphor for the major turning points that a person confronts in life.(見第34行)S(his~ to go) 名詞子句(作about的受詞)
(1) a metaphor for ... 為……的隱喻
(4) the major turning points that a person confronts in life一個人在生活中遭遇的重大轉捩點

9. In another poem, "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening," a rider on horseback contemplates whether he should stop and enjoy the beautiful winter scenery or continue home, his dilemma reflecting the universal struggle between freedom and duty.(見第36行)
(1) stop v. [T, I] 停留(在某地)
例:I can't stop-my husband is waiting for me in the car.
(2) snowy adj. 積雪的;多雪的;似雪的
例:We were glad that Christmas morning was cold and snowy.
(3) home作為指示方向的副詞,前面不加to。
例:on the way home 在回家的路上
(4) his dilemma reflecting the universal struggle between freedom and duty分詞構句,主詞不同所以保留,此用法大都出現在較正式的文章
(5) reflecting the universal struggle between freedom and duty反映出自由與責任之間舉世皆然的掙扎

10. To his regret, the rider realizes that before he can enjoy his freedom, he must fulfill his responsibilities. (見第39行)
(1) 介系詞to後接情感名詞,表達「某個行動後產生的感受」。常寫為to one's + N 或 to the + N + of someone
例:They finally decided to get married, to the joy of their friends.
  To our surprise, he won the first place in the contest.
(2) fulfill one's responsibility 達成職責;不負使命
fulfill one's obligation 履行義務
fulfill one's promise 履行諾言
例:I will fulfill my obligation to the best of my ability.

11. As we can see, common human experiences, with Frost's unique touch, are elevated to a level of profound meaning.(見第41行)
(1) touch n. [sing.](做某事的)風格,手法
例:His unique skills gave the performance the special touch.

12. To this day, his poems continue to touch the hearts of readers everywhere.(見第43行)
(1) to this day 時至今日;到現在
例:To this day, I don't know exactly what happened to him.
(2) touch v.觸動,感動
touch one's heart 感動某人的心靈
例:The novel of Bridges of Madison County deeply touched me/touched my heart.

13. And sorry I could not travel both / And be one traveler, long I stood / And looked down one as far as I could / To where it bent in the undergrowth;(見第47行)
(1) long I stood = I stood there for a long time.
(2) look down something 沿著……往前看

14. Then took the other, as just as fair, / And having perhaps the better claim, / Because it was grassy and wanted wear;(見第51行)
(1) Then took the other = Then I took the other road. 「我又試選了另一條路。」
「區分兩個項目」的說法:one ... the other
「區分三個項目」的說法:one ... another ... the other
「區分四個項目」的說法: one ... another ... still another ... the other
例:Mrs. Wilson has two daughters. One is a teacher, and the other is a nurse.
My four best friends listen to different kinds of music. One likes pop songs, another likes classical music, still another loves folk music, and the other enjoys jazz.
(2) as (it was) just as fair = as this road was just as fair as the other one因這一條路也一樣美好
(3) having perhaps the better claim
= This road perhaps had a better claim than the first one.
claim n.主張;聲明擁有;有權要求
(4) wanted wear = lacked wear = was not much worn 缺乏磨損
例:The shoes showed signs of wear.

15. Though as for that, the passing there / Had worn them really about the same,(見第54行)
(1) as for 至於……
that 指前句grassy and wanted wear的狀況。
(2) passing n.(人跡的)經過
(3) really about the same = nearly the same 差不多

16. Oh, I kept the first for another day! / Yet knowing how way leads on to way, / I doubted if I should ever come back.(見第58行)
(1) doubt v.懷疑(認定事情不真的可能性較高)
例:I have no doubt that she will come.
  = I believe that she will come.

17. I shall be telling this with a sigh / Somewhere ages and ages hence:(見第61行)
(1) with a sigh 帶著一聲嘆息
(2) hence在此意為from now今後

18. I took the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference.(見第64行)
(1) that has made all the difference 一次決定卻造成之後的重大影響
make some difference 有些差別;有些關係
make no/little difference 沒有差別;沒什麼兩樣
make a world of difference 有天壤之別
例:His effort made a world of difference to me.

19. Whose woods these are I think I know.(見第67行)
= I think I know whose woods these are.
(1) woods 樹林

20. His house is in the village though;(見第68行)
(1) though adv. 然而

21. He will not see me stopping here / To watch his woods fill up with snow.(見第69行)
(1) stop to V = stop and V 停下來而去做某事
stop V-ing 停止做某事
例:On his way home, he stopped to help an old lady cross the street.
Can you stop playing that violin? It's late.

22. My little horse must think it queer / To stop without a farmhouse near(見第71行)
(1) it指後面to stop without a farmhouse near,全句為My little horse must think it strange to stop at a place where no farmhouse is nearby.

23. Between the woods and frozen lake / The darkest evening of the year.(見第73行)
(1) frozen adj. 結冰的

I.Words for production
1. literature n. [U, C] 文學;文獻
literal adj. 照字面的;原意的
literate adj. 能讀寫的
illiterate adj. 不識字的;缺乏教育的
illiterate n. [C] 文盲
例:There is extensive literature on the subject. 
A literal translation may not be close to the original meaning.
  Only ten percent of the women on this island are literate.
  The illiterate old man had difficulty writing his own name.

4. officially adv. 正式地;官方說法地
official residence 官邸
official statistics 官方統計數字
例:The singer was officially invited to perform at the prince's birthday party.

5. talented adj. 有天分的,有才華的
a talent contest/show 才藝競賽/才藝表演
a talent scout 星探,球探,體育探子
例:He used to be a talented baseball player, but an injury ended his career.

6. manhood 成人時期
likelihood 可能性
priesthood 神職,神職人員
sisterhood 姊妹身份;婦女運動團體

9. gain weight 增重
gain in sth. ……逐漸增加;愈來愈……
One man's loss is another man's gain. 從別人的損失中獲得好處。
例:As he grew older, he gained in confidence and charm.

12. trademark 商標
landmark 地標
birthmark 胎記
postmark 郵戳

13. present adj. 出席的;現在的n. [U] 現在;目前;[C] 禮物v. [T] 呈現
at present 目前;當今
up to the present 迄今;到目前為止
present sb. with sth. = present sth. to sb. 將(某物)呈給(某人)
例:Seeing so many people present, the boss was satisfied.
  She is with her mother at present.

18. to face a dilemma (of ...) 面臨(……)兩難的局面
例:He's facing the dilemma of studying abroad or losing his girlfriend.

19. a sense of duty 責任感
on/off duty 值勤/下勤務(指護士、警察等需輪流值班的行業)
have a duty to V 有責任、義務(去做)……
例:Let's have a drink when you go off duty today.
  Parents have a duty to take good care of their children.

20. irresponsible adj. 不負責任的
have a responsibility to/toward somebody 對(某人)有職責、義務
take responsibility for V-ing/N 為(某事)負責
sense of responsibility 責任感
例:It was irresponsible of the factory to allow the river to become so polluted.
  I believe every individual in the team has a responsibility to the others.
  Who will take responsibility for the mess now?

23. divergence n. [C, U] 分歧
divergent adj. 分歧的
diverge from 從……分出
例:There is a wide divergence of opinion on the issue.
  The hunters lost track of the animal on divergent paths.
  Human ancestors diverged from those of the chimpanzee between five and seven million years ago.

24. bend n. [C] 彎曲處
bendable adj. 可彎曲的
例:Many accidents have taken place at this sharp bend in the road.
  Soft and bendable toys are most suitable for young children.

25. lay claim to something 聲稱擁有某物
have a claim on something 有資格擁有某物
claim damages 要求賠償損失
claim one's life 使(某人)喪命
例:The crisis arose when both countries laid claim to the island.
  No matter what you are engaged in, your children have a claim on your time.
  The tornado last week claimed sixteen lives.

26. wear something away 損耗;磨破
wear somebody down 使疲乏;使軟弱
wear off 消失
wear somebody out 使人累壞了
wear (something) out 損壞
例:The writing on the cover has almost (been) worn away.
  The couple were apparently worn down by caring for their newborn baby.
  The boy was bored with his new video game as soon as the novelty wore off.
  You'll wear yourself out if you don't relax a bit.
  Some parts in the machine have worn out and need to be replaced.

27. equal n. [C] 同等的人或物v. [T] 相等
equality n. [U] 平等
例:All men are created equal.
One meter equals one hundred centimeters.
  The foundation is committed to racial equality.

28. tread carefully/warily/lightly/gently 謹慎地處理某事(以避免得罪任何人)
例:The government has to tread warily on sensitive racial issues.

1. honorary adj.(官階或學位)榮譽的
honor n. [U, C] 敬重;榮譽v. [T] 敬重
honorable adj. 高貴的;可敬重的
例:Let's fight for the honor of our country.
  We are honored by your presence.
  He is a man of many honorable deeds.

3. poet laureate 桂冠詩人
laureate n. [C] 接受無上榮耀封贈的人
a Nobel laureate 諾貝爾獎得主

3 則留言:

Chris 提到...

I hope the teacher asks you to recite the poem.

貓貓 提到...

it is horrible.
But we can form group to try.
the poem have deep meaning.
we can learn somthing from them.

Chris 提到...

Some of your classmates indeed read your notes. Don't feel frustrated. At least, when you write, you learn more, right?

As to the reciting activity, I always ask my students to do it and record it. In the past, some of the students sang it, some performed it, and some danced to it. It is very interesting. Perhaps you may suggest Grace give you a chance to do it as one of Christmas or New Year activities. That would be very exciting!